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Stress Eating

Most countries around the world suffer from obesity. It is the number one cause of death. Obesity will lead to the debilitating affects from a stroke or surgery. Child obesity rates are soaring, leading to not only an unhealthy childhood but a building a pattern in life that will likely follow them like a fat shadow into adulthood. What can we do today to help ourselves and the ones we love get healthy and happy?stress-eating

We are creatures of the wild, long forgotten food foragers exploring nature for it’s fruitful bounty. Today we roam the grocery isles and hunt for the fast food bargains. We are divorced from nature and it’s systems of balance. We have at our fingertips any variety of food from innumerable sources. It can be ready made or it can be slow cooked. We take for granted what a great thing this is and we take for granted how much our bodies can adapt to change.

Most children don’t have much deep seated stress. As we age stress becomes a very real and long term issue. A way of coping with it is by stress eating. Short term it isn’t that bad of a thing. As long as other steps are taking to alleviate and remove stress stress eating that is rarely used it can be a OK way to relieve stress. Unfortunately there are those who have this as a long term addiction and the health problems become a very real issue.

Stress eating can be a very serious problem for many people. It is a very easily accessible addiction and depending on income, a very affordable addiction. It is one of those problems people sweep under the rug. It is an issue that has little short term affects and extreme long term affects. In the short term it will cause a little damage to the body. Long term it will cause extensive and life threatening damage. As with most addictions the danger trouts ever closer to striking us down with its vengeance. It often remains under a veil, only ready to show it’s power when we come to close.

To overcome addiction we must first recognize and accept that we have an addiction. We must look at ourselves with truth and accept who we see. We must look we we are headed and change that direction one day and one step at a time. In the end you have the power to do this and it is your choice whether or not you will.


Eustress and… Shopping?

Eustress is an interesting form of stress, not only because it is the positive form of stress but because it has some odd contemporary triggers that nature would have never thought of. For one it is released when we spend a lot of money on something we want. That is a strange response and it can, in part, explain the addiction of shopping. There is undoubtedly a release of adrenaline while spending a lot of money, the shoppers high, eustress is the physiological explanation for this.eustress-and-shopping

There are more factors than just eustress that go into shopping addictions but this seems to be one of the main reasons. The gratification that comes with eustress builds positive reinforcement when buying new things. The excitement of a new purchase and the feeling that something positive is happen is very deceptive. A lot of people go about their addictions without making another thought about it. Many people feel the response of eustress without knowing what it is, just that they want more.

A lot can be said about addictions. That is not the purpose of this article, we are merely illustrating the power of eustress and it’s hidden triggers in life. It may help you begin to understand why you feel a certain way after buying a big priced item. We are not trying to help with addictions in this article, those need the support of yourself, your family/friends, and perhaps a trained professional. If you think you have a problem with this or anything else the sooner you work on correcting it the easier it will be and the less damage to be done.

Eustress is a mysterious force that sits and waits in your mind until the stimulus it is waiting for is introduced. It then catapults into action and in most cases helps you accomplish a goal. It may be dubbed the positive form of stress but it can also take negative affects such as those stated above. So be aware of the eustress response because it is always waiting to be triggered.


Demystifying Those Moments of Emotion Stress

In what feels like the blink of an eye we lose control and do untold damage to others and ourselves. In the moment of extreme emotional stress it is hard to say what we will do and what we are thinking. The coals of frustration are red hot and our mind clouded by their fumes. The actions we would never do with a clear head are done and cannot be undone. The pain will reverberate for weeks to come and the consequences are inevitable. We need to take a look at why the emotional stress can be so blinding.moments-of-emotion-stress

At those peak moments of emotional stress we don’t act like ourselves. Why? Well there are a few reasons. Adrenaline, cortisol, and a variety of other chemicals are launching into our brain. These trigger a strong response that dampens higher thinking, directly proportional to the amount of chemicals firing. It can be anywhere from lowered judgment to complete thoughtless action.

Chemicals play a very large role in our lives. Understanding them and understanding your control over releasing or not releasing them will be key to taking control of emotional stress, anger, and much more. For example our minds are capable of releasing dopamine on our conscious command. This chemical, among other things, sharpens the prefrontal cortex’s operations. This part of our brain is what separates us from animals, where the high thought process takes place. Learning to release this chemical when need be is a tool everyone should have. It just takes focus and creating a subconscious pattern that when done will release the chemical.

Emotions shouldn’t just be categorized as chemicals. They have a much deeper and personal nature that science can’t classify. With practice we will gain levels of control over emotional stress and emotions in general. It is not something we will dominate and always be on top of, it will be something we can mold and guide, lessen and increase depending on our goals.


The Importance of Time Management

When we consider the importance of time management a lot comes to mind. The obvious and the more subtle of ideas should be thought of. You can get more accomplished each and everyday and over a lifetime you will have had a much greater impact on the world; building a better future for your children, grandchildren, and generations to come. You can have more time to do the things you want to do. Others can depend on you more and you can move up in the business world. The importance of time management is something we must consider, and the sooner the better.

In most peoples lives much more can be getting done and at the same time much more fun can be had, this is the importance of time management. First we must look at those time wasters that leak our life away. We must reflect on how we are spending our time and therefor life. It is something thought about far too little. It is something that with the right persistence we can make a great change in the world around us. Everyday we make a change for the better the next day is improved, and with this fact in mind the future is painted in a much more masterful way.

We all want our lives to be enhanced and to be more joyful. The importance of time management can be so easily illustrated to that end. Everyday we give ourselves X amount of time to do the Y activity we build up that pattern to do the activity and reap all of its benefits. Overtime the changes that this productive activity are easier to see. Maybe it’s a 20 minute jog, 30 minutes of yoga, an extra 10 minutes of cleaning, a couple hours on a side business/project. If the motivation is there and the idea’s are clearly pointing to the inevitable and realistic goal you will achieve it. The importance of time management is clear and with the right motivations and proper use it will indisputably bring you a better life.


Taking Control of Emotional Stress

Emotional stress cam be quite the beast to tame. It not only clouds our judgment but downplays the damaging effects it’s having on you. When not in the moment you don’t think of it as that big of a threat. When in the moment you don’t realize what is happening because you are so overwhelmed with the emotional stress. This makes it tricky to not only identify but to get under control. You think of emotional stress as something that is just there and that’s that. Well it’s not and it doesn’t have to be.emotional-stress-control

There is always going to be emotional stress; that is just life and we must embrace it. It is a bad thing, but that is mostly in excess. It can affect you in more ways than emotionally, it can cloud your judgment so greatly you destroy parts of your life that you cherish. We have all have had this happen and it is a painful and remorseful thing. Getting better control of our emotional stress will yield benefits with a domino effect. You may not have associated all of the effects it has on your life. In many cases it is hard to identify all the effects as many of them are subtle.

Once we gain a certain level of control over our emotional stress we will feel more confident in situations that are emotionally and mentally taxing. We will be more comfortable putting ourselves out there in those situations and feel stronger and in a higher level of command. Less destruction in our life will occur and we will be more happy in general.

In articles to come and articles in the archive, we discuss techniques to take control of our emotional stress. There is a lot that can be done and many baby steps we can take today. Let’s focus on a better tomorrow through a conscious today.


Eustress and Marriage

It’s time again to look into the eustress and peer deeper under it’s veil. This mysterious form of stress which is beneficial has just in this century began to be understood. Hans Seyle, the father of stress research, first dubbed this positive stress as eustress. It had been experienced through all of mankind and in ways understood, but he linked it to many more ideas. He looked deeper at it, both the physiological and the psychological aspects of it. Eustress is a potent tool of the mind that has a very positive effect on us in most cases. We are going to take a look at it in relation to the act of marriage.eustress-marriage

Getting married is a unique time in a couples life where they unite in the highest sense of trust and respect for one another. It is an paramount experience that brings together two family’s and many groups of friends for one event honoring two. It typically takes months of planning, thousands of dollars, event organizers and coordinators, and the help of family and friends to get it running smoothly.

With the hectic nature of all this on the wedding day the bride and groom will be experiencing eustress at many points of the day. It will wear them out and keep them going. It will flood their minds once the “I do” are exchanged and it will carry them off onto their honeymoon. Nature never planned on such complex social structures and events when the eustress came into fruition so long ago. In many cases stress being thrown into our current way of living is sometimes not beneficial. But on a day like this, the eustress can get them through the day. It is a day of bombardment from every angle, it is a giant party for you and your loved one, and it is a spiritual sacrament of devotion.

This article turned out more of a snapshot of marriage than an article on eustress. Eustress is their to guide us along in life, to jump into action when we need it and to keep us at our most ready when we need to be.


Effective Time Management

There is a lot to be said when it comes to effective time management. There is always more we can do and there is the perfect point of effective time management but that shouldn’t be a goal and ultimately it is unhealthy. We can get a lot accomplished and not have to work overwork ourselves.effective-time-management

Effective time management is about looking for where you waste time and building new patterns that cut these out. It is about analyzing and scrutinizing how you spend your time. Getting a bigger picture of what is important and what isn’t. Not to say that having fun with friends and spending time with family is a waste, it isn’t at all. It’s looking more into not playing silly games, not watching an excess of TV’s or movies, not browsing your time away on the internet.

Effective time management is also about utilizing the time you have more efficiently. There are many things to look. Your time spent commuting, time at work, lunch breaks, sleep schedule, and much more can probably be used much more efficiently. Think about listening to books on tape when you commute alone. Figure out what is draining your productivity with an honest look at it. In some cases taking more relaxing breaks will increase your daily output. You may spend to many lunch breaks going out for food, think about bringing a lot more lunches to work so you can get more out of your break. Or consider trading off turns with co workers for getting take out food. Sleeping in a regular pattern will decrease your overall need for sleep.

There is plenty you can start doing today. Your biggest obstacle to this will be your focus. You need to focus on your overall goal and your daily/weekly/monthly goals. You need to focus and realizing when you are wasting time. You need to focus to keep a sharp mind and be more efficient. Effective time management takes time and energy. However the more you practice it the easier it becomes and soon it will be second nature; you will just do it without thinking twice about it. So practice effective time management and get more out of your life!


Eustress – The Positive Stress

Eustress is a form of stress that the body procures when it needs to preform a very exerting physical activity. It is used to give your body an extra burst that it needs to complete the goal at hand. It can also be used in a variety of other ways and it can be very beneficial. It is much different from emotional stress and doesn’t even connect to emotional stress. Physically, it is just as taxing on the body as distress, but eustress obviously yields better results.eustress-the-positive-stress

Other ways eustress is used by you is less practical and more selfish. Watching a suspenseful horror movie is an example of the body producing the eustress response. That is one of the reasons some people are so drawn to those types of movies. The adrenaline rush that come with eustress along with it’s other effects. This is not what eustress is for, but nature didn’t intend on us having film and television. It’s not a bad thing, per say, to use eustress for this purpose but it will have the same taxing physical damage as distress.

Eustress is a powerful and interesting concept. For the few that are familiar with the concept, it is often overlooked and often forgot. It is used to your benefit without you knowing it. There aren’t many ways to increase its effects and anything short of experienced meditation there isn’t a way to stop it. It is just there, a tool hanging in the workshop of the mind, ready to be employed in the situations that arouse it.

In the coming months the Stress Reducer team will explore the idea of eustress more and look for ways we can use it to our benefit. As of yet though it doesn’t look like anything we can modify or enhance on our behalf. Until then look around for other ways to take a positive spin on distress and see what ideas are to come in regards to eustress.

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How to Deal With Stress

We often wonder if all the stress in our life is worth it. We want to know what we can do to be dealing with stress. Is what we are doing working or do we need to change gears or directions to be more effective in our stress management. There are all kinds of ways we are dealing with stress but not all work and some are even counter productive. To find what the best approach is for dealing with stress we need to see how well what we are doing is working and what we can change and add to to deal with stress

There are days that go by peacefully and just flow so well. There are days when it seems nothing can go right and everything is mounting against you. There is everything between and everything outside this spectrum. To effectively role with the punches and also enjoy those great days to the most we should look at our beliefs and our techniques we use when dealing with stress.

How to deal with stress

Start by jotting down what you are doing when you are dealing with stress. What are your coping techniques, do you use defense mechanisms, how much do you let it initially affect you. When you become defensive you can become very counter productive. You can harm yourself and others emotionally/mentally/physically when you react in this way. It’s not always a bad thing and if used constructively with thoughtfulness it is a very good thing. Try to judge the effectiveness of your coping skills and how you have programmed your mind to react to stress (your initial reaction). Overall just be mindful of what you do when your dealing with stress and what you could do to improve this. Also don’t let it stop there, you should be looking for ways to avoid stress and ways to not let it arise in the first place.

Take some time reading about new strategies for dealing with stress and trying to mix it up. You might be surprised at how powerful some of these stress management techniques and coping skills can be. It’s definitely worth your time.

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Stress Management Activities

There are plenty of things to do when you are bored. There are also plenty of things to plan out and be excited for. These can both be used as stress management activities, and are, without you realizing it. Once you do you can plan the stress management activities out better and use them to your advantage. There are also those stress management activities that are just that, and planned for that exact purpose. Utilizing your time if a key trait of successful individuals. You don’t have to go overboard and you don’t even have to get on-board. You can still be successful and waste your time but to utilize it is a great thing. So here are a few specific stress management activities you may consider.stress-management-activities

Stress Management Activities

Any form of physical activity makes for great stress management activities. Pick your pleasure because there is no end to the choices. Jogging, cycling, yoga, backpacking, rock climbing, swimming, weight lifting, or even just a nice long walk. These are multi beneficial activities and once you get in the pattern they kind of just flow in and out of your day. If you’ve never been one for fitness consider it if for nothing else the personal gain you will receive. They are so numerous and so helpful to being happy, healthy, and effective in life. Combined this with music to get you going, make yourself a reward system, find an exercise buddy, or just commit a block of your time to do it and when that time rolls around you just do it. This is not only a very low-cost high-benefit choice but of all the stress management activities it takes the cake.

Aside from exercise which I feel is the most effective and simple of all the stress management activities there are so many choices. Do what you love and try new things to discover new love. Give your life variety and give it joy. Don’t over indulge but don’t let yourself get excessively stressed because that is just as bad. Take a balanced approached to life and reap the benefits of it. Break out of old habits and form new more constructive ones. Continue to evolve and break out of those habits to continue to grow and fit the part of your life you are in. Be mindful and respect yourself and your life.

Live life and snap out of your old patterns!

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