There are many choices when it comes to a stress reducer. It could be a simple hand toy to play with as you work. It could be a medicine, conventional or alternative. It could be exercise or music. It really depends on you and what works for you. Different things work for different people and you must find what is best for you. Again, you have options for a stress reducer and finding the best will take some trial and error.

The one I want to present is meditation. Of all the different ideas listed above for a stress reducer and all of the others out there, few if any are more powerful than meditation. It brings the mind into a calm theta brainwave, it regenerates cells, it improves the structure of the brain, it helps connect the hemispheres of the brain (which has numerous benefits), helps balance the hormones and chemicals of the body, and it is a quality stress reducer. There are many other benefits not listed here and there are many forms of meditation.

The simplest and most effective mediation is easy to do but hard to maintain at first. Over time it will become easier and over more time it will become seamless. The benefits will be less at first but the more you doquality-stress-reducer it the more benefits you receive short-term and long-term. Begin by sitting with your legs crossed (not one on top of the other, just relaxed and comfortable) with your toes pointing away from the ball of your foot. Bring your thumb and pointer finger together to program into your mind that touches these fingers begins mediation therefor making it easier in the future. Close your eyes and focus on deep belly breathing. Breathe in deeply, if your upper chest moves much you aren’t breathing into your belly. This method of breathing is extremely relaxing, oxygenating and should be how you breathe everyday (in time it will be). Stress eventually leads us away from this natural way of breathing but it is how it should be and it is how all babies breathe.

So sit in this position, breathe deeply into your lower lungs before your upper lungs, and focus on breathing that way. Comfort is important as is an erect straight spine, relaxed but firm. Your mind should be silent and focused, this is meditation. As your mind beings to wander bring it back to your breath. This will become easier and easier in time and the benefits and numerous. It really depends on you but I feel for most people this is a top quality stress reducer.