Yoga StretchSeveral people looking for a way to combine relaxation with exercise turn to yoga as a perfect balance of the two.  Many people enjoy yoga because it gives them the relaxation they need after being stressed.  I spoke with a professor and long time advocate for yoga about the activity and she said she started doing it because she was looking for a total body exercise.  Even after a lifetime of activity in tennis, cycling and modern dance, yoga has improved her flexibility.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a form of exercise that focuses on individual abilities within different poses, each of which have different goals, like strength building, toning, or flexibility.  People who participate are encouraged to modify each pose to their own ability and avoid pushing themselves into something that is uncomfortable or impossible for them to do.  Practicing yoga will not only help you with your flexibility, but also with your breathing.  The combination of the two can greatly reduce pain as you grow older and reduce stress as well! Yoga can also have effects beyond simple fitness benefits and can help a person improve their life in general.

Yoga and stress relief

One of the best benefits of yoga is its ability to help you clear your mind.  As we rush about our days, we are constantly reminded of all the things we need to get done, racing from one thought process to another.  We need a break from this routine, and yoga can provide that for you.  Practice breathing deeply, this will help you concentrate on the activity at mind – breathing – and not hundreds of other thoughts that keep you worried all day long.  This also acts as a form of meditation and provides that mental break that you have been looking for.  Contrary to popular belief, yoga can actually be a physically demanding activity that is great for your cardiovascular system!  Holding poses and stretches for extended periods of time really puts a lot of stress and strain into stretching those muscles out to be good and healthy!  This also raises your heart rate and causes the need for oxygen to increase!  In this natural sense, yoga has proven for centuries to increase cardiovascular health and overall well being.

Is yoga for you?

Yes! People who practice yoga on a regular basis often report that it has helped them become a more compassionate person.  It is very calming and there is also that space where you can reflect on things that you have time to contemplate.  Anyone can do yoga, you just need to find the right teacher and approach it with the right attitude.  Yoga is for everybody, you just have to keep doing it and listen to and respect your body while you do it.  Use your intelligence and never give up.  Having the right attitude when attempting anything new that will require a schedule in life takes great mental strength, here at we encourage you to find this strength and better yourself!

So do yourself a favor and reduce your stress by taking up yoga.  Nobody has ever regretted it. Click this link to find yoga classes happening near you!

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