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Anxiety Relief

Anxiety relief is something so many of us desire. There are those who have almost no stress and anxiety; that could be that anxiety-reliefthey have practiced techniques or have a natural inclination towards peace. They probably also decided to put themselves in unfamiliar situations, which can be uncomfortable and scary. Getting into those situations makes it easier to be in them in the future. It takes willpower and speaking to yourself the right way. Anxiety relief is so often misunderstood and ignored. Getting anxiety relief comes in many forms; It can be helped by medication, mediation, therapy, and helping yourself with the right ideas/techniques.

Meditation for anxiety relief

Anxiety relief comes from control of the mind. Meditation gives us control of the mind and in addition it gives anxiety relief that we are feeling at the time we practice it. Mediation literally reshapes the mind and builds upon the prefrontal cortex. It can build a healthy body because the body follows the mind. The deep breathing oxygenation the body, reaching out to every cell of our being. This practice is often overlooked or completely ignored in western society. It has a dual-action on our anxiety and has countless other benefits.

Medication for anxiety relief

Anxiety relief can also come in the form of medication. Although we shouldn’t rely on this method it may be very helpful for getting past anxiety and forming new behaviors. There are many pharmaceuticals out there and finding the right one for you is important. Many of them have side affects, the most common being drowsiness. Talk to your doctor about this option if you are interested.

Take steps forward

Whether they are small or large we should be focused on moving towards a goal of gaining anxiety relief. Set small goals at first and when you accomplish them be sure to thank yourself. Honor yourself for your success. Self affirmations are always a good technique for gaining self-respect and building motivation to continue to strive towards goals.

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Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety sometimes go hand in hand. One can initiate the other and intensify the affects of each. Stress is a stress-and-anxietybiological response to an external stimuli or event (dubbed a stressor). Anxiety is also a response to a stressor but it reacts in a different manner. It is a psychological and psychological response to that stress in a manner that affects us emotionally, behaviorally, and mentally. It also has a physical affect on our somatic nervous system and cardiovascular system. It can also come about without a stressor being presenting.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety often brings feelings of uneasiness, fear, and concern. The feelings of fear are different from fear in that they are triggered by anxiety whereas fear is typically a response to a perceived threat. When we are in a situation we feel that is uncontrollable or unavoidable we often get those feelings of stress and anxiety.

Anxiety is intended to help us

It is good to realize that anxiety is a mood which is being used to prepare ourselves to cope with negative events. So in essence it is a state that is there to help us. In excess it is a state that can really dampen our lives and hamper our personal growth in life. If it continues to be in excess it is a condition doctors refer to as an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder is a blanket term for both persistent or excessively reoccurring fear and anxiety. Some studies have shown 15-20% of Americans suffer from this disorder. This is a quite large amount of people but there is plenty of hope for defeating this self-defeating disorder.

Coping with stress and anxiety

Dealing with stress and anxiety takes time and effort. It can be a bit paradoxical when our stress and anxiety takes from us motivation and focus to work on these issues. However, much can be done for anxiety relief and if you are taking steps forward, big or small, you will always end at your goal. To do this we should work on any feelings of self-doubt and low self-confidence. Working on the self in individual sections will have affect on many other portions of yourself. It is an upward spiral in which improving one aspect improves other related or seemingly unrelated aspects (whether or not you connect the two). The first step is accepting the idea of change so we can get healthy levels of stress and anxiety. There are many articles here and around the internet to help you to get anxiety relief!

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Demystifying Those Moments of Emotion Stress

In what feels like the blink of an eye we lose control and do untold damage to others and ourselves. In the moment of extreme emotional stress it is hard to say what we will do and what we are thinking. The coals of frustration are red hot and our mind clouded by their fumes. The actions we would never do with a clear head are done and cannot be undone. The pain will reverberate for weeks to come and the consequences are inevitable. We need to take a look at why the emotional stress can be so blinding.moments-of-emotion-stress

At those peak moments of emotional stress we don’t act like ourselves. Why? Well there are a few reasons. Adrenaline, cortisol, and a variety of other chemicals are launching into our brain. These trigger a strong response that dampens higher thinking, directly proportional to the amount of chemicals firing. It can be anywhere from lowered judgment to complete thoughtless action.

Chemicals play a very large role in our lives. Understanding them and understanding your control over releasing or not releasing them will be key to taking control of emotional stress, anger, and much more. For example our minds are capable of releasing dopamine on our conscious command. This chemical, among other things, sharpens the prefrontal cortex’s operations. This part of our brain is what separates us from animals, where the high thought process takes place. Learning to release this chemical when need be is a tool everyone should have. It just takes focus and creating a subconscious pattern that when done will release the chemical.

Emotions shouldn’t just be categorized as chemicals. They have a much deeper and personal nature that science can’t classify. With practice we will gain levels of control over emotional stress and emotions in general. It is not something we will dominate and always be on top of, it will be something we can mold and guide, lessen and increase depending on our goals.


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