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Setting Goals

To obtain what we want in life we must be persistent in the clear goals that we set. There isn’t a predetermined outcome there is only the effort, grit, and focus you put into your goal that achieves it. We may not believe we are capable of achieving certain skills and success but if we have grit, clarity, and right approach we can achieve whatever we set out mind to.setting goals

Don’t limit yourself

First things first you should work for yourself. You should accept that you are capable of a great deal and you can accomplish more than you may think. It takes time to recondition the mind and build this confidence. Confidence is a key factor to success in any walk of life. Seeing success in yourself will trounce stress and build self-confidence.

Self-discipline comes from practice

Self-discipline is like any muscle in the body, if you work it out it gets stronger. The ability to respect yourself and make moves to goals will require a strong self-discipline and an ability to build this trait. Anyone is capable of it and it should be a goal of yours. Emotional stress may hamper these ideas so be sure to use stress management strategies as you work towards this goal.

Watch what you think

Your thoughts will greatly affect your actions. Thinking to yourself “I don’t want failure” instead of “I want success” is surprisingly counter productive. Clinical studies have shown speaking about what you want and not what you don’t want will increase your goal completion by roughly three hundred percent. This is a massive statistic that should be integrated into our understanding of ourselves. When you are told what not to do you know you want to do it more! Tell yourself “I will do this at these times” and you will see additional success. Giving yourself a clear goal is vital to improving your success rate.

Build new patterns

Starting out is not always easy but when we get into rhythms and routines it becomes natural to complete these tasks. In theme with this site we are sure you want to set stress reducer goals. Be sure to be clear to yourself what these stress reducer goals are and with the aforementioned information begin to transform your emotional stress into peace.

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Anger Management as a Stress Reducer

Anger is a corrosive emotion that feeds us self-destruction and fuels the fire of ignorance. It will destroy relationships and prevent conflict from being resolved. It disintegrates others respect for you and it can do the same for your self respect. Anger will give you a false sense of self and make you feel right when you clearly are not. Practicing anger management is a stress reducer, lowers anxiety, and can really open up your life.anger-management-as-a-stress-reducer

Anger can be helpful

Anger isn’t always bad, although aggressive anger always is. Assertive balanced anger can help charge arguments and facilitate communication, if used properly. However, anger is not commonly used properly and is often only used properly be certain people with the skill. Anyone can learn how to use anger constructively or to not use it at all.

Pivot your thoughts

An important skill to build is being able to pivot your thoughts. When an event happens that would normally bring you anger pivot that thought. Turn it from “that shouldn’t happen” to “that happened and how can I resolve or accept that?”. It is a simple idea with an extraordinary outcome. Being able to use this skill everyday for most everything will give you control of being upset and angry. There are of course some instances to get upset or angry but those are tend to be rare.

Take a deep breath

When you find yourself getting angry use the above method combined with a few deep breaths. It is a stress relief technique we talk a lot about here at stress reducer. That’s because we have found it to be one of the simplest and effective methods to calm down. Calming doing from anger or emotional stress will give you better judgment, which can then calm you down even more. In addition it is a powerful stress reducer.

Practice makes perfect

The more you practice these methods and other methods that you can find here or from other sources the easier they are to preform. Prevention is key as is being able to calm down in the moment. With success we gain confidence in our skill. When we fail we learn from our mistakes and if we continue to practice we will gain the anger management skills we desire!

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Music For Emotional Stress

Music has been around for as long as human kind has. It is the lifeblood of our artistic expression and a form of expression that is deeply connected to our mind, emotions, and even our body. The variety and the lyrics are endless. Finding the right music for you and expanding on your collection can really help with emotional stress. Having the right music for the right mood is always comforting. Emotional stress is a factor that is taken into consideration with music therapy.

Music therapy

Music therapy is an under appreciated college major and career. It is an effective tool for treating emotional stress and can aid in personal development. It works better for some than others but can have an impact on anyone in music therapy.

The benefits of music

It is also used in physical rehabilitation and has proven itself to aide in recovery time. It is used with the elderly to improve mood and cognitive function. Music therapy is considered an expressive therapy and can help build confidence in self expression. Music theory is often taught on some basic levels and there is a great variety in musical selection. It has also shown to be affective in lowering heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rates in those with coronary heart disease. Another use that has been documented is help with patients who suffer from epilepsy.

Expand your music tastes

Although it is not that accessible we can still in one way or another to help ourselves reduce emotional stress. We can find music we enjoy and keep it handy. Alternative rock fans should check out Panda Bear, American Analog Set, Built to Spill, The Black Keys, and Modest Mouse. Electronica more your thing? Try Caribou, Massive Attack, Dan Decan, Shpongle, Clubroot, Four Tet, Burial, The Field, Boards of Canada, Emancipator, and Pantha Du Prince. More into folk? Try Langhorne Slim, Sixto Rodriguez, Iron & Wine, Beirut, Mumford & Sons, and of course Bob Dylan.

Just remember that emotional stress has many solutions. Looking for them, being open to change, and working towards goals of relieving emotional stress will bring you the peace you have been looking for.

Enjoy this relaxing video


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Emotional Manifestations of Stress

We feel stress in our body, mind, and in our emotions. It affects us on every level whether we know it or not. A lot can happen to us due to stress and it is not always clear that stress is the cause. The emotional stress we feel can do real harm to us. It can cause irrational decisions, anxiety, and panic. Emotional stress can be very uncomfortable but with proper skills and a more productive mindset we can protect ourselves from much of the damage.

Emotional stress comes in many formsemotional-manifestations-of-stress

There is much to be said about the effects of emotional stress and much that can be done. Stress in essence is a physical response to an external stimuli. It serves to protect us from a harmful environment. It is rooted deep in our brain and is in direct relation to the fight-or-flight response. This stress response however is now being redirected to our society. A once protective trigger has been transformed by our urban environment to a far more useless tool. It can be protective and it does help us but the majority of stress is not beneficial. The stress response explodes out of the brain and affects the whole body. The mind shuts down to it’s lower levels of functioning and our emotions run wild.

What can be done?

Much can be done to protect ourselves from emotional stress. The first step is to identify all of the things that cause you stress. Make a list and begin to think more in depth about what really stresses you out. Once you identify your stressors begin to think about how they can be avoided. Not all can and you will never escape them all and in fact that would be  harmful to your growth. You will also need to find quality stress reducers and stress reduction techniques to further protect yourself from excessive stress. Check out these articles for more insight and feel free to browse around this site for more information. Stress Reduction Technique: Self Control and Acceptance: A Powerful Stress Reducer are a couple places to start and of course there are many sites out there looking to help you.

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Alleviating Emotional Stress

There is so much we can do to alleviate emotional stress. From taking a deep breathe to taking a pill there are many choices we can make to get our emotional stress at a healthy and balanced level. We must look for ways that benefit us the most and fit our personalities like a glove. Many methods can be explored and both preventative and in-the-moment techniques can be used to great effect. Much has been written to that end in this blog so feel free to explore. Let us look at one of the most effective techniques that will help us alleviate emotional stress.alleviating-emotional-stress

Take a deep breath!

It is so very simple and so very effective. It is extraordinary what can be accomplished with deep breathing. Let’s walk through the process. You can breath into three parts of your lungs. Those three parts being upper chest, middle chest, and abdomen. This can be separated into two more parts each as we can actively choose to breath into the front or the back of the lungs. Right now take a deep breath and notice where it is you are breathing. Is it your upper chest? As babies we breathed into the entirety of our lungs. In the process of growing up we become more stressed. Many of us have changed the way we breathe. Ideally when we breathe in we should be breathing equally into the three parts of our lungs equally in the front and back.

Re-pattern away those bad habits

Breathing in this way is not only a great way to calm down but it is a great way to breath all the time. Maintaining this breath will help prevent stress from arising. It will also improve the oxygenation of the lungs which will in turn benefit every cell of our body. In almost every single case of a heart attack has come from an individual with a shallow upper-chest breathing pattern. Once we enter a new habit of breathing it becomes second nature to us. The benefits are obvious and we can feel and see a difference. Our emotional stress response will be lowered as will our emotional stress levels! Re-pattern your breathing and find a new sense of peace and a deeper level of health.

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Demystifying Those Moments of Emotion Stress

In what feels like the blink of an eye we lose control and do untold damage to others and ourselves. In the moment of extreme emotional stress it is hard to say what we will do and what we are thinking. The coals of frustration are red hot and our mind clouded by their fumes. The actions we would never do with a clear head are done and cannot be undone. The pain will reverberate for weeks to come and the consequences are inevitable. We need to take a look at why the emotional stress can be so blinding.moments-of-emotion-stress

At those peak moments of emotional stress we don’t act like ourselves. Why? Well there are a few reasons. Adrenaline, cortisol, and a variety of other chemicals are launching into our brain. These trigger a strong response that dampens higher thinking, directly proportional to the amount of chemicals firing. It can be anywhere from lowered judgment to complete thoughtless action.

Chemicals play a very large role in our lives. Understanding them and understanding your control over releasing or not releasing them will be key to taking control of emotional stress, anger, and much more. For example our minds are capable of releasing dopamine on our conscious command. This chemical, among other things, sharpens the prefrontal cortex’s operations. This part of our brain is what separates us from animals, where the high thought process takes place. Learning to release this chemical when need be is a tool everyone should have. It just takes focus and creating a subconscious pattern that when done will release the chemical.

Emotions shouldn’t just be categorized as chemicals. They have a much deeper and personal nature that science can’t classify. With practice we will gain levels of control over emotional stress and emotions in general. It is not something we will dominate and always be on top of, it will be something we can mold and guide, lessen and increase depending on our goals.


Taking Control of Emotional Stress

Emotional stress cam be quite the beast to tame. It not only clouds our judgment but downplays the damaging effects it’s having on you. When not in the moment you don’t think of it as that big of a threat. When in the moment you don’t realize what is happening because you are so overwhelmed with the emotional stress. This makes it tricky to not only identify but to get under control. You think of emotional stress as something that is just there and that’s that. Well it’s not and it doesn’t have to be.emotional-stress-control

There is always going to be emotional stress; that is just life and we must embrace it. It is a bad thing, but that is mostly in excess. It can affect you in more ways than emotionally, it can cloud your judgment so greatly you destroy parts of your life that you cherish. We have all have had this happen and it is a painful and remorseful thing. Getting better control of our emotional stress will yield benefits with a domino effect. You may not have associated all of the effects it has on your life. In many cases it is hard to identify all the effects as many of them are subtle.

Once we gain a certain level of control over our emotional stress we will feel more confident in situations that are emotionally and mentally taxing. We will be more comfortable putting ourselves out there in those situations and feel stronger and in a higher level of command. Less destruction in our life will occur and we will be more happy in general.

In articles to come and articles in the archive, we discuss techniques to take control of our emotional stress. There is a lot that can be done and many baby steps we can take today. Let’s focus on a better tomorrow through a conscious today.


The Purpose of Stress

We go about our day to day lives with stress. That’s just a fact. It is not something that needs to be bad and overwhelming. There really is no escaping it, it’s a biological response that is necessary and the top researches in the field will tell you stress is a part of life until the day you die. It sounds dreary and it may sounds hopeless but that is because most people put too much negative connotations with stress.

Stress isn’t fun and most everyone doesn’t enjoy the feeling. Sure there are the stress addicts that make it a way of life for one reason or another. But it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It doesn’t have to consume us and our focus as much as it does for most of us. The more you understand about stress and it’s nature the more power you can gain to control it.

Stress is a biological and usually a psychological response to certain external stimulus, in the medical field dubbed stressors. It is a necessary part of our brain that helps us deal with danger and challenges. It is apart of the brain with fight or flight mode, it is in our “lower brain” but that doesn’t make it any less important. It is more primal and made more for those settings than our urban industrial lives. Nature didn’t mean for it to be in a workplace, traffic, overly complex relationships, the strange societal/cultural forces, etc. It is there though and we need to learn to use it effectively.

This is a short article pointing to much more comprehensive ideas, but with articles ideas from the past and those to come will unravel and you will understand more about yourself and how you feel. There will be, with your effort, an empowerment in your life over emotional stress and it’s implications. Until that point, take it one day at a time and diversify your resources.

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Multivitamins for Your Health and Emotional Stress

Multivitamins come in great variety. Some are well balanced, some can cause you damage, many are synthetically made. They are a great and easy way to get most of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to operate optimally. From your eyesight to your energy levels to every organ multivitamins help you in so many ways.multi-vitamin-emotional-stress

When I say some can cause you damage I refer to Vitamin A and Iron. To much vitamin A will cause eye-site damage. For men, to much iron can cause liver and other health problems. Women need a lot more iron because they deplete it on their periods. When you see Multivitamins for men and those for Women, this is usually the only difference. There are some natural multivitamins that also have herbs for prostate health and other herbs for women but it’s mostly the same thing.

Multivitamins are obviously good for your physical health but some studies also show they help balance your emotional stress and emotions in general. Others don’t agree so much and some don’t at all. I feel there is a strong connection between taking a daily vitamin and feeling better. It will be up to you to decide once you start taking one.

The best options when shopping for multivitamins are the food based choices. These will not only digest better but are not synthetically made like many of the cheap and advertised brands. When you buy a brand name you are paying for all the advertising and the usually higher margins then most smaller companies. Rainbow Light is a nice smaller company that makes ok priced multivitamins that are food based.New Chapter and Megafoods make terrific vitamins and have great company philosophies. Check out there websites to learn more. Drug stores and superstores are almost all synthetic with what a lot of dietitians would say a not well balanced formula. There are many of brands out there so do your research.

One last thing to consider is the cheaper vitamins use cheaper quality vitamins and minerals and even knowing put forms of the vitamins in that are less (in some cases not even) digestible. If you have a lot of money you should go for higher priced liquid vitamins. It’s your health and if all you can afford are cheap generic brands that’s a lot better than nothing. I feel you will find yourself with less emotional stress and more energy if you just take a once a day vitamin.

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What exactly is stress and how can we define it?

A psychologist would call stress how you choose to react to a stressor. There are three stages of effects of stress according to Hans Selye.what-is-stress

  1. Alarm – The stressor or event that may cause harm is perceived. This triggers the mind to go into alarm. Adrenaline is then created and released as well as the production and release of cortisol. You may begin to sweat and have a raised heart rate.
  2. Resistance – If the alarm state isn’t enough to overcome the stress we enter resistance. In resistance we try to cope with the stress psychologically.
  3. Exhaustion – This is the last stage of the general adaption syndrome. This is when your body cannot produce anymore cortisol and adrenaline and you cannot continue with the two previous stages. You may begin to sweat and have a raised heart rate again. If exhaustion is allowed to continue damage to the body is done, your immune system becomes very weak.

In the end this could mount itself into your life in forms of depression, you may also get ulcers, cardiovascular issues, and even diabetes. All of this sounds very serve. It is unlikely most stress will develop this far and it is rare the aforementioned will happen. It is likely the first two stages of this will happen. But if you find yourself in the third stage you must find a solution. While you can maintain this stage for quite sometime you will want to take steps to not let it go this far. There are plenty of articles here for this and many more to come so please keep checking back.

Stress is easy to define, you know what it feels like. You now know some more of the affects it may have. Along with these it can cause behavioral changes, decrease in cognition, muscle tension as well as headaches. Be sure to not let yourself get carried away with stress and always be aware of when stress is happening in your life.

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