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Alleviating Emotional Stress

There is so much we can do to alleviate emotional stress. From taking a deep breathe to taking a pill there are many choices we can make to get our emotional stress at a healthy and balanced level. We must look for ways that benefit us the most and fit our personalities like a glove. Many methods can be explored and both preventative and in-the-moment techniques can be used to great effect. Much has been written to that end in this blog so feel free to explore. Let us look at one of the most effective techniques that will help us alleviate emotional stress.alleviating-emotional-stress

Take a deep breath!

It is so very simple and so very effective. It is extraordinary what can be accomplished with deep breathing. Let’s walk through the process. You can breath into three parts of your lungs. Those three parts being upper chest, middle chest, and abdomen. This can be separated into two more parts each as we can actively choose to breath into the front or the back of the lungs. Right now take a deep breath and notice where it is you are breathing. Is it your upper chest? As babies we breathed into the entirety of our lungs. In the process of growing up we become more stressed. Many of us have changed the way we breathe. Ideally when we breathe in we should be breathing equally into the three parts of our lungs equally in the front and back.

Re-pattern away those bad habits

Breathing in this way is not only a great way to calm down but it is a great way to breath all the time. Maintaining this breath will help prevent stress from arising. It will also improve the oxygenation of the lungs which will in turn benefit every cell of our body. In almost every single case of a heart attack has come from an individual with a shallow upper-chest breathing pattern. Once we enter a new habit of breathing it becomes second nature to us. The benefits are obvious and we can feel and see a difference. Our emotional stress response will be lowered as will our emotional stress levels! Re-pattern your breathing and find a new sense of peace and a deeper level of health.

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The Purpose of Stress

We go about our day to day lives with stress. That’s just a fact. It is not something that needs to be bad and overwhelming. There really is no escaping it, it’s a biological response that is necessary and the top researches in the field will tell you stress is a part of life until the day you die. It sounds dreary and it may sounds hopeless but that is because most people put too much negative connotations with stress.

Stress isn’t fun and most everyone doesn’t enjoy the feeling. Sure there are the stress addicts that make it a way of life for one reason or another. But it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It doesn’t have to consume us and our focus as much as it does for most of us. The more you understand about stress and it’s nature the more power you can gain to control it.

Stress is a biological and usually a psychological response to certain external stimulus, in the medical field dubbed stressors. It is a necessary part of our brain that helps us deal with danger and challenges. It is apart of the brain with fight or flight mode, it is in our “lower brain” but that doesn’t make it any less important. It is more primal and made more for those settings than our urban industrial lives. Nature didn’t mean for it to be in a workplace, traffic, overly complex relationships, the strange societal/cultural forces, etc. It is there though and we need to learn to use it effectively.

This is a short article pointing to much more comprehensive ideas, but with articles ideas from the past and those to come will unravel and you will understand more about yourself and how you feel. There will be, with your effort, an empowerment in your life over emotional stress and it’s implications. Until that point, take it one day at a time and diversify your resources.

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