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How To Reduce Stress

Many people want to know how to reduce stress. It is a common goal and one that we can find to make us feel helpless and how-to-reduce-stressfeel that it is impossible to accomplish. It is important to change this idea and if we choose not to we will fail to accomplish these goals. Our mind follows our thoughts (as do our body and emotions). Defeating yourself with such self-destructive language will result in the self fulfilling prophecy that we etched into ourselves. We can find out how to reduce stress when we find out who we are. Of course finding out how to reduce stress is possible without this; however it is one of the most effective and preventative method available.

How to reduce stress

There are some of us with no idea of how to reduce stress. Some of us wander about life without a clue as to why they are in and get themselves into stressful events. These individuals often create these events and not just fall into the situation. Feeling the stress response is almost always a choose that we make. When we can understand this we will know a powerful way to now only reduce stress but prevent it.

Making the right choices

When you find yourself feeling stressed remember it is a choice. Pattern your mind and tell yourself you have the choice. You are in control and you are fully capable of handling in situation. Again, your mind always listens to what you tell yourself, as does your body and your emotions. Understanding this is imperative to knowing how to reduce stress in your everyday life and preventing in most situations. This is an idea we talk about a lot here at stress reducer. That is because with a true reflection on this idea and the change of your reaction (with practice) with this technique will empower you in many walks of life.

Take control of stress

Stress is not here to control you, it is here to be controlled by you. You will always have the choice and you will always be able to make it. It can be extremely hard in many situations but remembering you can do it will help you make the mature choice. With self-discipline and this technique of mindfulness based stress reduction we can achieve much more in our lives and be much happier. Self-discipline is like a muscle, the more you exercise it the stronger it will become. Work for yourself and develop these skills for yourself and those around you!

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Helping yourself by helping others

reduce-stress-by-helping-othersStress can come in a variety of forms and from a variety of different sources. Some stress comes in the form of sadness and aggravation, while other stress comes in the form of decreased energy and little to no motivation to be productive. For some people work is their main stressor, while for others their spouses and families are their main source of stress. Fact is, each case of stress is different, and there are only a few universal stress reducers; helping others is the universal stress reducer many sufferers need.

Giving You a Good Sense of Accomplishment

Helping others can be a tedious task, and can even be physically and mentally taxing no matter how strong of a person you are. When it comes down to it, the effort and work you put into helping others comes back ten-fold in the feeling you get when you see the smile on someone else’s face – a smile that you put there. I can tell you from personal experience that nothing feels better than helping someone in needs. Whether it’s by doing a small noble deed such as holding the door open for a handicapped woman, or something much larger such as helping to feed people is disaster stricken countries, the feeling you feel when you see the relief in their faces is unlike any other. So no matter how down you feel, or how stressed out you are try helping others out, it’s a great stress reducer.

How You Can Start Helping

For those who are inexperienced with volunteer “helping” work it can be a little confusing knowing where to go, and what to do when looking to help. The answer to this problem is simple: whether you want to join an organization and take on real volunteer jobs, or if you want to just help the average Joe on the street, anything and everything helps. That is, even the smallest of deeds is greatly appreciated by the community. If y0u’re still focused on working on a larger volunteer project here are some places/organizations that are always looking for a helping hand:

  • Homeless Voice – The homeless can always use all the help they can get, so join the homeless voice and get helping.
  • Church – A wide variety of people come to church seeking help and guidance, and you can be a huge part of whether they like they’re experience or not.
  • Retirement Homes – while people who reside in retirement homes are usually treated fairly well they tend to get lonely sometimes. You’d be surprised you can make someone just by listening to their stories.


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Anger Management as a Stress Reducer

Anger is a corrosive emotion that feeds us self-destruction and fuels the fire of ignorance. It will destroy relationships and prevent conflict from being resolved. It disintegrates others respect for you and it can do the same for your self respect. Anger will give you a false sense of self and make you feel right when you clearly are not. Practicing anger management is a stress reducer, lowers anxiety, and can really open up your life.anger-management-as-a-stress-reducer

Anger can be helpful

Anger isn’t always bad, although aggressive anger always is. Assertive balanced anger can help charge arguments and facilitate communication, if used properly. However, anger is not commonly used properly and is often only used properly be certain people with the skill. Anyone can learn how to use anger constructively or to not use it at all.

Pivot your thoughts

An important skill to build is being able to pivot your thoughts. When an event happens that would normally bring you anger pivot that thought. Turn it from “that shouldn’t happen” to “that happened and how can I resolve or accept that?”. It is a simple idea with an extraordinary outcome. Being able to use this skill everyday for most everything will give you control of being upset and angry. There are of course some instances to get upset or angry but those are tend to be rare.

Take a deep breath

When you find yourself getting angry use the above method combined with a few deep breaths. It is a stress relief technique we talk a lot about here at stress reducer. That’s because we have found it to be one of the simplest and effective methods to calm down. Calming doing from anger or emotional stress will give you better judgment, which can then calm you down even more. In addition it is a powerful stress reducer.

Practice makes perfect

The more you practice these methods and other methods that you can find here or from other sources the easier they are to preform. Prevention is key as is being able to calm down in the moment. With success we gain confidence in our skill. When we fail we learn from our mistakes and if we continue to practice we will gain the anger management skills we desire!

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Enjoy Stress Management Activities

When we think of stress management we tend to think of boring hard work. It doesn’t have to be that way. Sure you have to work at it but taking a balanced steady approach to stress management can be rather easy and extremely effective. We should use stress management activities in combination with typical stress management to help with results and to keep things fun and interesting.

What are some stress management activities?enjoy-stress-management-activities

There are many stress management activities. In fact some are activities we already participate in. Exercise of any form is a great stress management activity. In addition to being great for stress it is great for us. It is so easy to slack off and ease into a sedentary lifestyle, however it would behoove us to keep fit. We know how good we feel after we work out and we can link how good we feel, in general, to how much exercise we get.

Deep relaxation is one of the many stress management activities we have available to us. One method is to lay down with peaceful music playing, perhaps relaxing incense burning, and tightening each muscle one at a time. Begin with your feet, tense them up for a few moments and then relax them. Notice how good it feels to relax them. Move on through the entire body. Visualize yourself becoming more and more relaxed. You will be surprised and how much your mind can benefit this process. The more you practice the easier it will come and the deeper you will relax.

Remove clutter!

It feels good to have a clean work area and home. Consider a deep clean of the spaces you spend the most time in. Cleaning can be a bore but if you relax, put on some nice music, and think about how good you will feel when it is done than you can make it enjoyable. Put a twist on it and before you throw something out, break it. This is a nice stress reducer and it can be pretty fun.

Think about the healthy things you enjoy doing and set aside time to do them. Be sure not to do any activity in excess as keeping a balanced life is key to having a healthy level of stress. Enjoy your free time and try to relax and focus on what stress management activity you are doing. The more present in the moment you are the more affective they become. The same is true for all parts of life, living in the moment can unlock beautiful things in your life. So stay focused and relax!

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Overcoming Mental Stress

Mental stress clouds our mind and our judgment.  It takes away from us good decision making skills and hinders our ability to think properly.  Stress is a response from the more primitive parts of our mind.  It is the fight or overcoming-mental-stressflight response that sends our mind into a focused chaos.  All non-critical functions of the body cease as you prepare yourself to avoid a dangerous situation.  This is how it is used in the wild; however we are creatures of an urbanized society.  The point of stress is rarely made in our everyday life.  Instead we feel the repercussions of the stress response as opposed to utilizing its benefits.

Setting goals

There are individuals in the world with extensive practice of meditation.  They eventually reach a point where they can control the involuntary actions of the body.  Hiccups, sneezing, even the dilation of the pupils are under their will power.  More importantly the fight or flight response becomes a choice.  This is quite a feat to accomplish and it is not one we can expect to accomplish without a great deal of practice.  Let us aim at a more achievable goal.

Lowering the fight or flight response

Lowering the fight or flight response is something we can all do to overcome mental stress.  It takes practice and the reprogramming our subconscious.  Tell yourself periodically that your fight or flight response is in your control.  Let yourself know that your response to non-dangerous stress isn’t one of fight or flight.  To get better control of the primitive parts of the mind we must utilize the subconscious.  It directly communicates with it as well as the whole body.  It listens to what we say and it does its best to follow your orders at all times.  This is not some pseudo-science, these are clinically proven methods of re-patterning of how you think and behave.

Gain control of your mind

To overcome mental stress we must gain control of the mind. We must adapt new techniques for handling old situations. Focusing and directing the mind in positive and constructive way will always be your choice. We can choose to improve ourselves for our benefit and for the loved ones around us. It is up to you and it always will be.

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Acceptance: A Powerful Stress Reducer

accept stressThere is so much happening in our everyday lives and through-out our enormous planet. An endless amount of news to watch and an endless amount of tasks to complete. There is so much to take in and so many goals to move towards. Time feels like it is speeding up and it can feel like an enemy working against us. There are so many happenings and so many subtleties to our everyday life, it makes it hard to stay balanced. One of the most powerful stress reducers in life is acceptance.

Accept the current moment as it is. There is NO reason not to. When you accept the world and its conditions a lot can open up for you in your life. Just think about it; you are in the conditions of your life and that’s the way they currently are. If you can accept where you are in life, if you can accept yourself for who you are then you can really get control of your life. Acceptance is a direct pathway to a better life. It is as powerful as it is simple. There are no reason or excuses to not bring the power of acceptance into your life.

When you feel like you are losing control of life take a step back, breathe, and affirm that the current moment is as it is and you are okay with it. This doesn’t mean rolling over to people and being unassertive, it doesn’t mean sacrificing yourself and your goals, it simply means to be ok with everything as it is. A peace will come over you and you will feel the stress float out of your mind and body. We must take back our lives so we can improve them for us and those around us. To be an example of peace and thoughtfulness to those in our lives whom we care about.

As far as a stress reducer goes, acceptance is a great choice to use in your life. It is empowering and enchanting, it is truly a method of joy. Take this skill in baby steps, don’t try to accept everything and when it gets tough give up. Just quietly make the change and build the habit one step at a time. There is NO reason not to!

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