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The Stress Response

Many actions occur when the stress response is thrust into action. The lungs work overtime, the heart kicks into overdrive, stress hormones are released, and all non-critical body the-stress-responsefunctions stop. Body functions such as immune system regulation, cell production, and cell regeneration are put on stand by. The body is on high alert, ready to escape the stressor that it is presented with. These functions are extremely useful for their intended purpose. Unfortunately their intended purpose is to survive in the wild. We rarely use stress in this setting and because of that a lot of issues arise.

The effects of stress

All of these actions happen when we are presented with everyday stress. When we are stuck in traffic or have a high workload this stress response occurs, along with its repercussions. Our immune system is weakened, our heart and lungs have unnecessary stress put on them, our mind shuts down. This can lead to a lot of problems short term. Long term chronic stress has disastrous consequences. Chronic stress gives us high blood pressure, arteries clog with plaque, the cardiovascular system becomes weak, the immune system is compromised, we develop a poor memory. Brain cells are destroyed and the communication between them is lowered. The damage done is both physical and mental. We not only suffer the pain of stress but we are bogged down by its consequences.

Take steps towards stress management

The stress response is in its nature a physical one. This physical response affects us emotionally, physically, and mentally. It is corrosive and is only meant for short duration in emergency situations. Our social constructs and modern environment triggers this stress response far to often. We are creatures of nature living in an unnatural world. We however don’t have to be slaves to this stress response. We can take many steps to avoid this stress and we can take just as many to conquer the response to it.

There will always be stress but it shouldn’t consume our lives. It shouldn’t be a daily occurrence and it definitely doesn’t need to adversely affect our health. Stress isn’t there to control you, you are there to control it. With the proper stress management strategies, with mindfulness based stress reduction, and with building new habits we can take the higher road and overcome the debilitating affects of stress. We can restore our emotional, mental, and physical health. Please read on to discover these methods and take back your life!

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The Perfect Stress Reducer: Examining Your Beliefs

Belief systems have a much greater power over our lives then we give them credit for. They not only dictate our thoughts but they affect the fundamental view of our world. Thoughts affect our emotions so intimately. Pay attention to how we are thinking and how we are feeling is a simple illustration of this. Beliefs play a major role in our lives. They enable us to see the world the way we choose to and they enable us to ultimately feel how we want to (in general). Having a greater control over these is a great stress reducer, it prevents the stress from ever happening.examining-your-beliefs

Changing beliefs to our benefit

Humans have on average three thousand thoughts a day, each affecting our mood, each steaming from our beliefs. I feel examining and shifting our beliefs is critical, not just merely as a stress reducer but as a life transforming action. Beginning this shift is moving forward and opening up parts of our lives we didn’t realize were connected with certain beliefs.

Reshaping our beliefs

So much agony and displeasure we simply accept as conditions of life. So much discontentment and discomfort we think of as a way of life is in-fact belief systems at play. Acceptance of conditions is a great tool, not just as a stress reducer but as a way to bring joy into your life. We can accept these conditions, and of course should, but we should never settle. We can expand upon our thoughts of the world and of our ourselves. We can stretch ourselves to new dimensions and reach deeper into our mind and into our world. We can reshape, broaden, and enliven the deepest portions of ourselves. With that we can feel this internal landscaping pour out of us and have the same affect on our worlds.

Examine your beliefs

How do we examine our beliefs and expand our life experience? We must thoughtfully reflect upon what we view the world to be. Writing out these ideas is very helpful. Looking at how we respond to events can shed light. Thinking about how we perceive the world at large will as well. Exploring how we view ourselves, those around us, and life itself will give us key insights into what our beliefs are.

Defeating stress is the greatest stress reducer

How we think of others in general is how we think of ourselves. Our perspectives on our environments mirror our perspectives of ourselves. Much can be learned about ourselves by paying attention to our environment. Having an excess of stress is a bi-product of self defeating beliefs. We can use all the stress reducers and stress relief techniques we want, with great affect, but getting to the root of our problems is a critical method to achieving a low stress life.

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Stress Reducer: The Power of Attention

We pay attention to the things in life that interest us. We also pay attention to the things in life that we want to avoid. These are on each end of the spectrum and are both equally captivating. When we focus on what we don’t want we are actually giving it more energy and bringing it into our life. This is the polar opposite from what we want. To understand that giving attention to negativity brings that negativity into our lives will be essential to rising above it and moving beautifully forward in life. We can drop that baggage we have carried around for so long and solve problems that we have struggled with for so very long.stress-reducer-attention

Flip the Switch

There is a simple switch to flip in your mind to use the power of attention as a stress reducer strategies and a preventative of future negativity. Don’t focus on the things you don’t want; instead focus on the things you do want! That is it, this simple change in thought will bring about dynamic and complex change in your life. For example this skill is mirrored in good parenting. To get your kids behavior closer to the fashion you would like you simply tell them what to do. This is obvious, but it is when we tell them what not to do the problems arise. Tell children what you want them to do not what you don’t want them to do. They focus on either one, there mind does not discern the difference.

The power of attention

The power of attention is simple. We form or experience on the things we choose to focus on. There is so much information to take in. Our mind subconsciously sifts through the data and based on what we have trained ourselves to focus on that is what we perceive. This is a subtle application of the power of attention but it helps you form the larger picture of your life and your surroundings. To refocus your attention and build a new filter to see the world through is a powerful stress reducer.

Re-frame your thoughts

When you catch yourself starting to focus on what you don’t want, re-frame the thought. This is an amazingly simple stress reducer and life changer. Instead of thinking I didn’t want to get stuck in traffic think how can I make the best of this. Instead of judging things and events negatively accept them as they are and find a positive light. Think about things differently and not only will your perception change the experience of the event but future occurrences of the event become less likely. Use this stress reducer and other stress reducers in your arsenal and become more and more the person you want to be!

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Practical Stress Relief

We at Stress Reducer feel for everyone out there who has too much stress in their life. It is an all to common feeling for a lot of us. A lot of us make it by day to day but there is just an excess of negative emotional stress and it takes a toll on us weather we think it does or doesn’t; chemically, emotionally and mentally we are negatively affected by excessive stress. It wears us out and it clouds our mind, it makes us feel unwell and it slowly harms our body with cortisol and adrenaline.

There are a few very practical stress revilers that can really yield stress relief. There are products out there that can help us. There are ideas that can help us more and there are techniques that are sure to give stress relief. We will discuss a couple and continue to write more articles related to this and other related topics. It is necessary to understand the cause of stress and to identify your stress, wpractical-stress-reliefhich has been talked about on our site. It is also necessary to adapt to these stressors or avoid them all together, rather than just using stress relief. You can find all of this info in previous articles and in future articles we will expand upon these ideas.

Practical stress relief

There are many stress relief products that we will talk about in the future, once we get a bigger picture of what is a quality product and what isn’t. There are fun toys to squeeze with your hands to help relieve tension. Chinese Baoding Balls are great for some and others don’t care for them at all. There are doctor prescribed pills that usually bring sleepiness as well. There are alternative medicines with less affect (depending on the individual) but much less side-effects. I want to present a very simple, true to life stress reliever.

Deep breathing and awarness

Awareness mixed with deep breathing. When you find a situation stressful you mind and body start to respond in it’s regular ways. If you can stop the stress in its tracks or at least relieve it you will have a much easier time doing so than when the affects are reaching their peak. You must be aware of stress beginning. If you are working by yourself take a 5 minute break an just breathe deeply and fully (as described in a previous article) and you are sure to feel better and can be more productive in your work. If you are in a fast acting situation, take a figurative step back from the situation and accept it as it is. Breathe deeper and feel calmness entering your body and mind. There is much to learn in stress management and many rewards to reap the benefit of.

Be aware and be calm!

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A Quality Stress Reducer

There are many choices when it comes to a stress reducer. It could be a simple hand toy to play with as you work. It could be a medicine, conventional or alternative. It could be exercise or music. It really depends on you and what works for you. Different things work for different people and you must find what is best for you. Again, you have options for a stress reducer and finding the best will take some trial and error.

The one I want to present is meditation. Of all the different ideas listed above for a stress reducer and all of the others out there, few if any are more powerful than meditation. It brings the mind into a calm theta brainwave, it regenerates cells, it improves the structure of the brain, it helps connect the hemispheres of the brain (which has numerous benefits), helps balance the hormones and chemicals of the body, and it is a quality stress reducer. There are many other benefits not listed here and there are many forms of meditation.

The simplest and most effective mediation is easy to do but hard to maintain at first. Over time it will become easier and over more time it will become seamless. The benefits will be less at first but the more you doquality-stress-reducer it the more benefits you receive short-term and long-term. Begin by sitting with your legs crossed (not one on top of the other, just relaxed and comfortable) with your toes pointing away from the ball of your foot. Bring your thumb and pointer finger together to program into your mind that touches these fingers begins mediation therefor making it easier in the future. Close your eyes and focus on deep belly breathing. Breathe in deeply, if your upper chest moves much you aren’t breathing into your belly. This method of breathing is extremely relaxing, oxygenating and should be how you breathe everyday (in time it will be). Stress eventually leads us away from this natural way of breathing but it is how it should be and it is how all babies breathe.

So sit in this position, breathe deeply into your lower lungs before your upper lungs, and focus on breathing that way. Comfort is important as is an erect straight spine, relaxed but firm. Your mind should be silent and focused, this is meditation. As your mind beings to wander bring it back to your breath. This will become easier and easier in time and the benefits and numerous. It really depends on you but I feel for most people this is a top quality stress reducer.

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