In what feels like the blink of an eye we lose control and do untold damage to others and ourselves. In the moment of extreme emotional stress it is hard to say what we will do and what we are thinking. The coals of frustration are red hot and our mind clouded by their fumes. The actions we would never do with a clear head are done and cannot be undone. The pain will reverberate for weeks to come and the consequences are inevitable. We need to take a look at why the emotional stress can be so blinding.moments-of-emotion-stress

At those peak moments of emotional stress we don’t act like ourselves. Why? Well there are a few reasons. Adrenaline, cortisol, and a variety of other chemicals are launching into our brain. These trigger a strong response that dampens higher thinking, directly proportional to the amount of chemicals firing. It can be anywhere from lowered judgment to complete thoughtless action.

Chemicals play a very large role in our lives. Understanding them and understanding your control over releasing or not releasing them will be key to taking control of emotional stress, anger, and much more. For example our minds are capable of releasing dopamine on our conscious command. This chemical, among other things, sharpens the prefrontal cortex’s operations. This part of our brain is what separates us from animals, where the high thought process takes place. Learning to release this chemical when need be is a tool everyone should have. It just takes focus and creating a subconscious pattern that when done will release the chemical.

Emotions shouldn’t just be categorized as chemicals. They have a much deeper and personal nature that science can’t classify. With practice we will gain levels of control over emotional stress and emotions in general. It is not something we will dominate and always be on top of, it will be something we can mold and guide, lessen and increase depending on our goals.