All to  commonly we ignore what we eat. We take flavor and value over substance and nutrition. Not to say healthy food is  flavorless, it can in fact be much more delicious. As for price it is going to be more expensive overall (which is a good thing). If you ignore each stores individual margins and what they are paying for wholesale due to their purchasing power; you will always get what you pay for. That is to say, the fundamental price of each variety of food exactly reflects it’s quality. You can spend a buck on some crap or you can invest your money into your health, longevity, and mental/emotion well-being.broccoli-tofu

Yes, food will affect all of these things. The dangerous part of this is it’s hard to link how we are feeling to what we eat. In some ways however it is cut and dry; we eat fast food late at night and we wake up the next morning feeling poorly. This is an obvious example but some people may not connect the two. The long-term effects are much harder to decipher. The food industry is cloaked behind poor laws to protect us and the ability to present very low quality food in an appealing way. They can make grade D meat look great, they can even make it taste good with enough fat and additives. They can’t however make it be good for you, and really what do they care. It is very easy for these large companies to get away with this, and if they can why not? Their profits are always there first concern.

Ninety-nine cents for a burrito, what a deal right? That depends on what you mean by deal. The meal you are eating likely comes from grade D meat (ask your friends who work there) they contain potentially dangerous additives and are hard on your body. Give a new diet a chance, do your research on healthy foods and work hard to achieve a new diet. Your life will be enriched in ways you never connected to your food. You will feel better on many levels and your money will be going to much better people who care about you!

Think of all the food scares in the country. Think of all of the outbreaks or life-threatening diseases. Do these come from small scale farmers or from large scale corporate production that cram animals next to each other for miles? There are virtually no reported cases (I can’t actually find any) that came from family or individual owned farms. You can argue it is because they don’t supply near as much food but they would still have to have some statistic to compare to and they don’t even have a percent.

We must care about our bodies and about our lives to make these changes. We must re-budget our food to a more effective and nutritious choices. There is a lot to do but making one change at a time will smooth out the transition. We can get cheaper deals than big name fast foods chains with rice and grains. We can get good organic diary and produce that will make us feel good. To make these changes will give you the direct experience of how your food affects your life.

Eat well and feel great!