There is a lot to be said when it comes to effective time management. There is always more we can do and there is the perfect point of effective time management but that shouldn’t be a goal and ultimately it is unhealthy. We can get a lot accomplished and not have to work overwork ourselves.effective-time-management

Effective time management is about looking for where you waste time and building new patterns that cut these out. It is about analyzing and scrutinizing how you spend your time. Getting a bigger picture of what is important and what isn’t. Not to say that having fun with friends and spending time with family is a waste, it isn’t at all. It’s looking more into not playing silly games, not watching an excess of TV’s or movies, not browsing your time away on the internet.

Effective time management is also about utilizing the time you have more efficiently. There are many things to look. Your time spent commuting, time at work, lunch breaks, sleep schedule, and much more can probably be used much more efficiently. Think about listening to books on tape when you commute alone. Figure out what is draining your productivity with an honest look at it. In some cases taking more relaxing breaks will increase your daily output. You may spend to many lunch breaks going out for food, think about bringing a lot more lunches to work so you can get more out of your break. Or consider trading off turns with co workers for getting take out food. Sleeping in a regular pattern will decrease your overall need for sleep.

There is plenty you can start doing today. Your biggest obstacle to this will be your focus. You need to focus on your overall goal and your daily/weekly/monthly goals. You need to focus and realizing when you are wasting time. You need to focus to keep a sharp mind and be more efficient. Effective time management takes time and energy. However the more you practice it the easier it becomes and soon it will be second nature; you will just do it without thinking twice about it. So practice effective time management and get more out of your life!