emotionally-stressed-guyStress can build up and over time and become very emotionally damaging. It affects us emotionally as well as mentally and physically. It can put up mental and emotional blocks that over time can distance us from the people and things that make us happy. Emotional stress is not something to push aside and try to avoid; it is something to deal with as it comes.

Don’t push aside emotional stress

Without emotional stress our life becomes more rich, the experiences we have become more exciting and welcomed, and our relationships become more fulfilling. It is not necessary to feel this emotional stress and by no means is it necessary to have it take the drivers seat of our life. The more you push it aside the more it takes control, the less attention you pay to it the more attention it takes from you (in subtle and not so subtle ways).

Keys to overcoming emotional stress

There are many keys to overcoming this emotional stress, you must listen to it as it arises. What are the triggers for this emotional stress? Is it something you can change? If these triggers are not something you can avoid, the next step is to accept them as they are. Once you accept them as a part of your life you can begin to adapt to them. You will start to gain control over them. You will start you realize it is not this that is stressing you out, but it is your reaction to it that is causing the stress. You will continue to learn that it is your choice of how to respond to the stress. You will start to see that the emotional stress is something that you are choosing to have in your life.

Remember it is your choice to feel the emotional stress, you are empowered but you must realize it.