It’s time again to look into the eustress and peer deeper under it’s veil. This mysterious form of stress which is beneficial has just in this century began to be understood. Hans Seyle, the father of stress research, first dubbed this positive stress as eustress. It had been experienced through all of mankind and in ways understood, but he linked it to many more ideas. He looked deeper at it, both the physiological and the psychological aspects of it. Eustress is a potent tool of the mind that has a very positive effect on us in most cases. We are going to take a look at it in relation to the act of marriage.eustress-marriage

Getting married is a unique time in a couples life where they unite in the highest sense of trust and respect for one another. It is an paramount experience that brings together two family’s and many groups of friends for one event honoring two. It typically takes months of planning, thousands of dollars, event organizers and coordinators, and the help of family and friends to get it running smoothly.

With the hectic nature of all this on the wedding day the bride and groom will be experiencing eustress at many points of the day. It will wear them out and keep them going. It will flood their minds once the “I do” are exchanged and it will carry them off onto their honeymoon. Nature never planned on such complex social structures and events when the eustress came into fruition so long ago. In many cases stress being thrown into our current way of living is sometimes not beneficial. But on a day like this, the eustress can get them through the day. It is a day of bombardment from every angle, it is a giant party for you and your loved one, and it is a spiritual sacrament of devotion.

This article turned out more of a snapshot of marriage than an article on eustress. Eustress is their to guide us along in life, to jump into action when we need it and to keep us at our most ready when we need to be.