Eustress is an interesting form of stress, not only because it is the positive form of stress but because it has some odd contemporary triggers that nature would have never thought of. For one it is released when we spend a lot of money on something we want. That is a strange response and it can, in part, explain the addiction of shopping. There is undoubtedly a release of adrenaline while spending a lot of money, the shoppers high, eustress is the physiological explanation for this.eustress-and-shopping

There are more factors than just eustress that go into shopping addictions but this seems to be one of the main reasons. The gratification that comes with eustress builds positive reinforcement when buying new things. The excitement of a new purchase and the feeling that something positive is happen is very deceptive. A lot of people go about their addictions without making another thought about it. Many people feel the response of eustress without knowing what it is, just that they want more.

A lot can be said about addictions. That is not the purpose of this article, we are merely illustrating the power of eustress and it’s hidden triggers in life. It may help you begin to understand why you feel a certain way after buying a big priced item. We are not trying to help with addictions in this article, those need the support of yourself, your family/friends, and perhaps a trained professional. If you think you have a problem with this or anything else the sooner you work on correcting it the easier it will be and the less damage to be done.

Eustress is a mysterious force that sits and waits in your mind until the stimulus it is waiting for is introduced. It then catapults into action and in most cases helps you accomplish a goal. It may be dubbed the positive form of stress but it can also take negative affects such as those stated above. So be aware of the eustress response because it is always waiting to be triggered.