Executive Relief: The employee handbook for overcoming stress, boredom and DVT’s at work.

Executive Relief: The employee handbook for overcoming stress, boredom and DVT's at work.

Over the past two years a series of revolutionary games have been created and implemented within a major international corporation to overcome stress, boredom and potential DVT’s in the office: this was never our intention but the progression from bouncing a ball against a fridge to the recently held Corporate World Series* occurred as naturally as vandalizing a public library or teasing a nun.

To understand why the notion of playing games in the office should have such intrinsic appeal, you need only look at the current working environment: job security is a thing of the past (thanks to the Credit Crunch), religious intolerance unacceptable as a project milestone (thank you War On Terror) and bestiality frowned upon within office hours (personal incident).

* For any American readers, I have interpreted ‘world’ as referring to more than one country.

If you link these draconian shifts in our working environment to societies growing need for leisure, something has to give. It was only 30 years ago that mankind assumed robots would be common household servants, vacations would be taken on the moon and decent haircuts would be available half-price every Tuesday.

As a result of all these unfulfilled promises, people are trying to rationalize the lives they are working hard to avoid. Incredibly, based on all the superficial evidence gathered, the games, strategies and observations in this book appear to be one revolutionary way of satisfying societies need for leisure whilst recognising the increasing demands made upon employees by organizations in these troubling times.

These games will not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for more enjoyment at work and not afraid of a little redundancy, this book may be of interest.

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