Jane Fonda’s Stress Reduction Program [VHS]

Jane Fonda's Stress Reduction Program [VHS]

Stressed? Fitness celebrity Jane Fonda recommends low-impact aerobics followed by a nice, long stretch to de-stress you and leave you healthy and calm, and that’s what you get here. This is an older Jane Fonda tape from 1989, formerly titled Jane Fonda’s Light Aerobics and Stress Reduction Program, but nothing here is outdated. Fonda leads a 20-minute light-aerobics segment, with easy moves suitable for beginners, clearly cued. Then she rewards you with a luxurious, 20-minute stretch and a 15-minute stress reduction program, releasing the tension in one muscle group after another, feet to face, and leaving you quiet and tension-free. (Flexibility is not a requirement–that will come when you make stretching a habit.) Fonda’s voice is calming, and the last two segments are so relaxing that you may want to have a pillow and blanket handy in case you don’t want to get up afterward. –Joan Price

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