Multivitamins come in great variety. Some are well balanced, some can cause you damage, many are synthetically made. They are a great and easy way to get most of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to operate optimally. From your eyesight to your energy levels to every organ multivitamins help you in so many ways.multi-vitamin-emotional-stress

When I say some can cause you damage I refer to Vitamin A and Iron. To much vitamin A will cause eye-site damage. For men, to much iron can cause liver and other health problems. Women need a lot more iron because they deplete it on their periods. When you see Multivitamins for men and those for Women, this is usually the only difference. There are some natural multivitamins that also have herbs for prostate health and other herbs for women but it’s mostly the same thing.

Multivitamins are obviously good for your physical health but some studies also show they help balance your emotional stress and emotions in general. Others don’t agree so much and some don’t at all. I feel there is a strong connection between taking a daily vitamin and feeling better. It will be up to you to decide once you start taking one.

The best options when shopping for multivitamins are the food based choices. These will not only digest better but are not synthetically made like many of the cheap and advertised brands. When you buy a brand name you are paying for all the advertising and the usually higher margins then most smaller companies. Rainbow Light is a nice smaller company that makes ok priced multivitamins that are food based.New Chapter and Megafoods make terrific vitamins and have great company philosophies. Check out there websites to learn more. Drug stores and superstores are almost all synthetic with what a lot of dietitians would say a not well balanced formula. There are many of brands out there so do your research.

One last thing to consider is the cheaper vitamins use cheaper quality vitamins and minerals and even knowing put forms of the vitamins in that are less (in some cases not even) digestible. If you have a lot of money you should go for higher priced liquid vitamins. It’s your health and if all you can afford are cheap generic brands that’s a lot better than nothing. I feel you will find yourself with less emotional stress and more energy if you just take a once a day vitamin.