fruits-grainsNutrition is one of the most overlooked and most important things in life. It not only affects your health but it has a strong link to your mental clarity and emotional well-being. It is overlooked in part because of our separation from the food we eat; most of us don’t garden and we certainly don’t kill and butcher our food. It is overlooked in part because of the motives of the food industries, to think that big business care about our health over their profits in naive. It is also overlooked because it’s something we have always done, always do, and rarely have we tried or know how to eat healthy.

There are so many small and large steps to take that lead to great changes in our life. Many of us think that fats are bad and cause body fat. That is simply untrue. Our caloric intake mixed with how simple or complex the food is along with metabolism is what affects fat. Complex carbohydrates like Bran, barley, corn, buckwheat, oats, brown rice, and yams all take more energy to digest. We actually burn more calories digesting this food unlike high fructose corn syrup which extremely simple and takes nothing to digest.

Not only does eating complex carbohydrates benefit us by lowering calories but it’s also great for our bodies. It doesn’t cause insulin surges which is very hard on our body (also a strong contributing factor to break outs).

To move on from the shallow affects of eating (break outs, body fat) we must understand how much eating clouds mental clarity. The lighter the foods, the less dairy we eat, the less processed our food is all lower our minds sharpness. To prove to yourself all of the above, change your diet! Start simple, you don’t have to eat rice everyday and that’s not even healthy. Proper diet takes a lot of research and time. Here is a brief overview of what you should be eating.

  1. Vegetables, you can NEVER eat to many and they should be the first on the list. Don’t overeat, it’s very hard on your body, spread out your meals. It is psychology that the more food on your plate the more you will feel compelled to overeat.
  2. Eat complex grains/beans: brown rice, oats, whole wheat, lentils and every other bean.
  3. Avoid processed foods as best you can.
  4. Fruits are also complex and great to eat; replace candy with fruits! Apples are high in fiber and bind to saturated fats.
  5. Replace soda with green/white/black teas. This may be the most difficult since many of us are literally addicted to them, but it is also a very important step.
  6. Avoid trans fats, look for healthy fats like those found in olive oil and avocados.
  7. Seriously don’t overeat!
  8. Take a daily multivitamin (non-synthesized is best) and omega 3-6-9’s (like fish or flax oil).
  9. Always, always eat a great variety of foods!

Just give it a try, there is no magic pill in life, but there truly are magic diets!