The organic vs conventional debate is pretty cut and dry but finding which organically labeled items are organic and which aren’t is essential to living an organic lifestyle or at least eating as organic as you decide you want to. I will start off with the organic basic for those of you who don’t know.

Organic produce, grains, herbs, etc are all grown pesticide free, without genetically modified (GMO) seeds or artificial fertilizer. They are generally produced in smaller crops which raises quality and supports small farmers. Corporations however, don’t care about the land or anything else, they just care about profits. Organic is not only better for the environment it is better for you. Organic products regularly contain more vitamins and minerals than the same conventional products. On top of this they are not grown with pesticides or genetically modified seeds. Organic-Vs-Conventional

Genetically modified seeds are manufactured by Monsanto. A quick Google search of Monsanto and you will find a tremendous list of their misdeeds and dozens of groups working against them for a plethora of reasons. These seeds are potentially very harmful to our bodies (not enough scientific studies have been done) and are very harmful to our environment. They make pesticide resistant plants that can be sprayed more, which is bad for us and the environment. Additionally this extra spraying of pesticides are creating super weeds which are become more and more resistant to the spraying.

Organic products are better for the environment, they are better for you, they taste better, and generally the money you spend on them is going to small farmers and away from corporations who don’t care about you in anyway. There are many fake organic labels and lobbyist have successfully lowered the bar for organic labels. Avoid brands that are well know for unhealthy snacks and products that also have products with organic labels. These are always fake organics. Look for products with a short list of ingredients.

If you choose to eat one thing Organically let it be your dairy. This is the largest jump in food quailty, conventional dairy is disgusting and I will let you do the research to see why. Organic dairy is a massive jump in quality so let that be your starting point.

Eat better and you will feel better!