So Stressed: The Ultimate Stress-Relief Plan for Women

So Stressed: The Ultimate Stress-Relief Plan for Women

“So stressed” has to be the most common way women describe themselves today, regardless of age or marital status, career, or family responsibilities. The effects of stress build up over time and destroy your health and sense of well-being—unless you do something to stop them. The Ultimate Stress-Relief Plan for Women can help you to reduce and even reverse the devastating effects of long-term stress on your mind and body.

With information from the medical and psychological sciences that no other practicing physician or clinician has implemented, this landmark new approach to women’s health shows you what stress is doing to every cell in your body, how it disrupts the intricate balance of your body’s systems, and most important what you can do, starting today, to restore your body’s health and prevent yourself from getting sick. Widely sought afterfor their compassionate manner and educational approach, Drs. McClellan and Hamilton have treated more than 16,000 women, and here they present their individualized stress-reduction programs for each of the four different stress-response types, which you can diagnose for yourself based on your unique stress profile. You will learn new ways to see and respond to stress, reduce it and its effects on your body, and even prevent the life-threatening illnesses it causes. Drs. McClellan and Hamilton bridge the gap between the lab bench and the bedside in this comprehensive program for total health.

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