Most countries around the world suffer from obesity. It is the number one cause of death. Obesity will lead to the debilitating affects from a stroke or surgery. Child obesity rates are soaring, leading to not only an unhealthy childhood but a building a pattern in life that will likely follow them like a fat shadow into adulthood. What can we do today to help ourselves and the ones we love get healthy and happy?stress-eating

We are creatures of the wild, long forgotten food foragers exploring nature for it’s fruitful bounty. Today we roam the grocery isles and hunt for the fast food bargains. We are divorced from nature and it’s systems of balance. We have at our fingertips any variety of food from innumerable sources. It can be ready made or it can be slow cooked. We take for granted what a great thing this is and we take for granted how much our bodies can adapt to change.

Most children don’t have much deep seated stress. As we age stress becomes a very real and long term issue. A way of coping with it is by stress eating. Short term it isn’t that bad of a thing. As long as other steps are taking to alleviate and remove stress stress eating that is rarely used it can be a OK way to relieve stress. Unfortunately there are those who have this as a long term addiction and the health problems become a very real issue.

Stress eating can be a very serious problem for many people. It is a very easily accessible addiction and depending on income, a very affordable addiction. It is one of those problems people sweep under the rug. It is an issue that has little short term affects and extreme long term affects. In the short term it will cause a little damage to the body. Long term it will cause extensive and life threatening damage. As with most addictions the danger trouts ever closer to striking us down with its vengeance. It often remains under a veil, only ready to show it’s power when we come to close.

To overcome addiction we must first recognize and accept that we have an addiction. We must look at ourselves with truth and accept who we see. We must look we we are headed and change that direction one day and one step at a time. In the end you have the power to do this and it is your choice whether or not you will.