Most of us live our lives with an excess of stress. Stress is an all to common problem to deal with. Stress can damage all parts of our lives; from our work-life, to our social life, all the way to our cells. Stress increases cortisol levels, decreases the body’s natural ability to heal an regenerate itself, and adds an abundance of other issues.

Great Stress Reduction Tools

Thankfully there are many tools to use as a stress reducer and a lot of resources to help us overcome the struggle we endure on a daily basis. A stress reducer can be used whenever needed and can quickly prevent us from a downward spiral of stress and being unproductive. When you start feeling overwhelmed it is very easy to drop out of a happy and productive state and move into one where the world seems a burden, where regular events and happenings in your life turn from normal into all to frustrating.

stress-reduction-techniquesThere are outlets for us to vent and quickly put a positive feel to our day, a stress reducer is an obvious tool we can use for this. The simple tools would be stress relief toys you squeeze/play around with. To get more gratifying results will need more effort. Taking a moment to appreciate the aesthetics of your office. If your office is a mess, cleaning it and keeping it clean is a key to letting your mind stay sharp and less stressed. Get art you appreciate, whether it is a painting/sculpture or an interactive piece. Extend this to your car and home with the philosophy that it is going to get cleaned eventually, why not keep it clean and exert the same amount of energy?

More Advanced Techniques?

For more advanced techniques that get to the root of the problem you will need to find what works for you personally. What outlets of expression make you happy? Writing, drawing, listening or playing music? When you see yourself starting to lose control and get bogged down be sure to pay attention. Fixing the problem early is easier than fixing it later.

Stress isn’t here to overcome you, you are here to overcome it.