Stress comes in many forms. It can be very obvious at times and it can also be very subtle. The problem with subtle stress is that it can be just as damaging but hard to identify and therefore resolve. There are many steps we can take to identify stress.stress-test

To help identify stress it is good to get out paper and jot what what stressful things comes to mind. Once you are done with the ones that jump out make a second list of the ones you have to think about more. The ones that draw less attention but definitely bring the effects of stress. Give yourself a little stress test and figure out what it is that causes your stress. It’s important to have a clearer picture of what is causing stress in your life so you take the steps to either avoid these things or adapt to them.

Once you have a better idea of the stressors in your life you can start to consciously and subconsciously work out solutions. Many people ignore the power of the subconscious and wonder why is it so easy for some to adapt to life and roll with the punches. The truth is that every time you say something negative your subconscious listens. Every time you think “this is stressful” or “I really don’t like it when this happens” you are making things harder. You are letting your mind respond more and more negatively to events and people. Don’t take this the wrong way and let people walk all over you and don’t think it’s not ok to dislike things. Still be assertive but take a path of empowerment.

The more you say “I don’t like this but I won’t let it affect me” the more positively you can approach the situation. The more you program into your mind the “I am strong” ideas the easier you are making life for yourself. It may sound like pseudoscience but it is proven psychology. Pay attention to your thoughts and begin reprogramming the way you look at the world for the better!

Let life work for you and not against you. Identify what causes stress and take steps to either avoid or adapt to them. You deserve happiness!