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The Perfect Stress Reducer: Examining Your Beliefs

Belief systems have a much greater power over our lives then we give them credit for. They not only dictate our thoughts but they affect the fundamental view of our world. Thoughts affect our emotions so intimately. Pay attention to how we are thinking and how we are feeling is a simple illustration of this. Beliefs play a major role in our lives. They enable us to see the world the way we choose to and they enable us to ultimately feel how we want to (in general). Having a greater control over these is a great stress reducer, it prevents the stress from ever happening.examining-your-beliefs

Changing beliefs to our benefit

Humans have on average three thousand thoughts a day, each affecting our mood, each steaming from our beliefs. I feel examining and shifting our beliefs is critical, not just merely as a stress reducer but as a life transforming action. Beginning this shift is moving forward and opening up parts of our lives we didn’t realize were connected with certain beliefs.

Reshaping our beliefs

So much agony and displeasure we simply accept as conditions of life. So much discontentment and discomfort we think of as a way of life is in-fact belief systems at play. Acceptance of conditions is a great tool, not just as a stress reducer but as a way to bring joy into your life. We can accept these conditions, and of course should, but we should never settle. We can expand upon our thoughts of the world and of our ourselves. We can stretch ourselves to new dimensions and reach deeper into our mind and into our world. We can reshape, broaden, and enliven the deepest portions of ourselves. With that we can feel this internal landscaping pour out of us and have the same affect on our worlds.

Examine your beliefs

How do we examine our beliefs and expand our life experience? We must thoughtfully reflect upon what we view the world to be. Writing out these ideas is very helpful. Looking at how we respond to events can shed light. Thinking about how we perceive the world at large will as well. Exploring how we view ourselves, those around us, and life itself will give us key insights into what our beliefs are.

Defeating stress is the greatest stress reducer

How we think of others in general is how we think of ourselves. Our perspectives on our environments mirror our perspectives of ourselves. Much can be learned about ourselves by paying attention to our environment. Having an excess of stress is a bi-product of self defeating beliefs. We can use all the stress reducers and stress relief techniques we want, with great affect, but getting to the root of our problems is a critical method to achieving a low stress life.

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Acceptance: A Powerful Stress Reducer

accept stressThere is so much happening in our everyday lives and through-out our enormous planet. An endless amount of news to watch and an endless amount of tasks to complete. There is so much to take in and so many goals to move towards. Time feels like it is speeding up and it can feel like an enemy working against us. There are so many happenings and so many subtleties to our everyday life, it makes it hard to stay balanced. One of the most powerful stress reducers in life is acceptance.

Accept the current moment as it is. There is NO reason not to. When you accept the world and its conditions a lot can open up for you in your life. Just think about it; you are in the conditions of your life and that’s the way they currently are. If you can accept where you are in life, if you can accept yourself for who you are then you can really get control of your life. Acceptance is a direct pathway to a better life. It is as powerful as it is simple. There are no reason or excuses to not bring the power of acceptance into your life.

When you feel like you are losing control of life take a step back, breathe, and affirm that the current moment is as it is and you are okay with it. This doesn’t mean rolling over to people and being unassertive, it doesn’t mean sacrificing yourself and your goals, it simply means to be ok with everything as it is. A peace will come over you and you will feel the stress float out of your mind and body. We must take back our lives so we can improve them for us and those around us. To be an example of peace and thoughtfulness to those in our lives whom we care about.

As far as a stress reducer goes, acceptance is a great choice to use in your life. It is empowering and enchanting, it is truly a method of joy. Take this skill in baby steps, don’t try to accept everything and when it gets tough give up. Just quietly make the change and build the habit one step at a time. There is NO reason not to!

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