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Midwest Center! Lucinda Basset, Attacking Stress, Anxiety and Depression! Master Kit, 2008 Edition!

Midwest Center! Lucinda Basset, Attacking Stress, Anxiety and Depression! Master Kit, 2008 Edition!

Midwest Center! Lucinda Basset, Attacking Stress, Anxiety and Depression! Master Kit, 2008 Edition!

  • Relieve stress, Attack anxiety and Shut down Depression!
  • Powerfull Tool to Enhance your Mental State
  • 18 CDS, 5 Workbooks, DVDS Information And More!
  • Brand New, Ready to Ship Today!
  • Bounus Good Days Vitamin Kit Included

Attacking Stress Anxiety & Depression The Midwest Center Master Kit! 2008 Edition Product Reatails for over 500 Dollars! Get it here For the best price possible! Features Jumpstart DVD, Coaching DVD, 5 Workbooks 18 Cds, Good days Vitamins, and much more!
Introduction 1 Relaxation CD Session
BONUS CD “I Will Be There For You”
BONUS CD “Feel Better Fast”
5 Workbooksm, Jumpstart & Coaching DVD Series!!
Coaching DVD for all 15 Sessions
#1 Coaching Segments for The CD Sessions 1-4
1 Anxiety: Symptoms, Cause and Common Fears 2. Six Steps: that will put an end to panic attacks 3. Self Talk: The key to healthy self-esteem 4. Expectations: How to expect less and get more #2 Coaching Segments for The CD Sessions 5-8
5. Eat & Exercise to Minimize Anxiety & Depression. 6. Stop Being Angry and Control Your Mood Swings: 7. Assertive Behavior and Speak Confidently and Gain Respect: 8. Put an End to “What if Thinking”
#3 Coaching Segments for The CD Sessions 9-12
9. Get Off the Guilt and Worry Treadmill 10. How to Stop Obsessive, Scary Thoughts 11. High Anxiety The Truth about Medications and Alcohol 12. The Courage to Change
#4 Coaching Segments for The CD Sessions 13-15
13. Time Management: 14. How to Keep Stress From Becoming Anxiety 15. Getting Beyond a Growth Spurt
The Lesson CD descriptions with Workbooks for each session are as Follows :1) Anxiety and Depression: 2) Six Steps That Will Put an End To Panic Attacks 3) Self Talk: 4) Expectations: How to Expect Less and Get More 5) Eat and Exercise To Rid Yourself of Anxiety and Depression 6) Stop Being Angry and Control Your Mood Swings 7) Assertive Behavior: 8) Put An End To “What If” Thinking 9) Get Off The Guilt and Worry Treadmill 10) How to Stop Obsessive, Scary Thoughts 11) Anxiety and Depression: The Truth About Medication and Alcohol. 12) The Courage To Change. 13) Time Management : 12 Steps Toward…. 14) How To Keep Stress From Becoming Anxiety 15) Getting Beyond A growth Spurt 16) RELAXATION CD/SESSION

List Price: $ 300.00


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Panicyl – Natural Relief For Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, & Stress (60 caps)

Panicyl – Natural Relief For Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, & Stress (60 caps)

Panicyl - Natural Relief For Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, & Stress (60 caps)

  • Eliminates Feelings Of Anxiousness & Worry
  • Promotes Feelings Of Calmness & Control
  • Stops Anxiety & Panic Attacks Before They Start
  • Provides You The Confidence To Do The Things You Used To Do
  • Removes Mental Fatigue And Allow You To Be ‘You’ Again

The natural ingredients in Panicyl work by bringing into balance certain brain chemicals called neurotransmitters that are associated with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. The specific neurotransmitters involved are serotonin (ser-oh-TOE-nin) and norepinephrine (nor-ep-ih-NEF-rin). Research suggests that abnormalities in neurotransmitter activity can affect mood and behavior. Panicyl’s natural ingredients help balance these two chemicals to allow the body to resist anxiety, panic attacks, and stress.

List Price: $ 41.50


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A Look Into Supplements

We exert a lot of effort to get and stay healthy. From exercising to eating a proper diet we a-look-into-supplementsexplore what works best for us. Some of us have access to better foods and facilities and can more easily achieve our goals of health. Others jog through neighborhoods in the dead of the winter and eat as healthy as can be afforded. Either way no excuse can be made to be out of shape and to be eating poorly. Food feeds our mind and body as exercise fuels these. Exercise is a very affective stress reducer and in general helps keep a healthy emotional balance. Lets take a look at some easy ways to improve upon the already hard work you are putting in.

Taking nutritional supplements is the quickest way to a healthier life. We have many options in many types of supplements. Protein drinks are all the rage in America. They come in many forms: whey, rice, pea, soy, hemp, and egg whites are the most common. Whey is the most popular due to the price but it is also hard on your sinuses and gives you an excess in your daily dairy intake. Soy is the second most popular but it is full of phytoestrogens which can cause a hormonal imbalance. Soy however is a very beneficial form of protein. Hemp is considered the healthiest, packed full of vitamins and minerals and is well digested. We may not need as much protein as we think. Western dieters think that protein is the holy grail. It is not and it is not needed in such large amounts. A regular healthy diet should get you adequate protein even if you regularly exercise.

Try the easiest and most effective supplement

Multivitamins are the single greatest thing you can do for your health in many doctors opinions. They give so much and all you need to do is take one tablet a day. Vitamins are so crucial to the development and maintenance of our bodies. They are far to often overlooked and their benefits are so vast that I won’t even start to discuss them. There use as a stress reducer is vital. If you are not already taking one you should check out our link to a free men’s multivitamin! Some other brands to look out for are New Chapter, Rainbow Light, and Mega Foods.

Fish oil is a key

Fish oil contains omega 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9 fatty acids. These are said to be needed for healthy maintenance of the brain, cardiovascular system, skin, and hair. It has shown in some clinical studies to protect against cancer, Parkinson’s , and Alzheimer’s disease! It is also very popular for mood support and alleviating depression. There mood support is said to affect anxiety and act as a stress reducer. These benefits are quiet amazing and you can get them just by eating fish regularly. If that is not a part of your diet you should strongly consider getting a fish oil supplement. Try the brand Nordic Naturals or New Chapter.

Probiotics for your digestion and immune system

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in your body. They are commonly used to help with digestion and immune support. It is said that over 70% of your immune system lies in the intestines and supplementing with probiotics maintains a healthy intestine. They are also said to be good for lowering cholesterol, reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, preventing colon cancer, and to help with irritable bowel syndrome. Probiotics can be found in yogurt, keifer, and fermented foods. You can also take them in pill form or as a drink. Kombucha is a fermented mushroom tea that has probiotics in them and is becoming very popular in America.

The big three supplements that doctors usually agree on are a multivitamin, fish oil, and a probiotic. Give these simple health fixes a try!

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