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Psychological Eustress: An Exploratory Regulated Process: An empirical examination of positive stress – what it looks like and how to foster it Reviews

Psychological Eustress: An Exploratory Regulated Process: An empirical examination of positive stress – what it looks like and how to foster it

Psychological Eustress: An Exploratory Regulated Process: An empirical examination of positive stress - what it looks like and how to foster it

When we think of stress we typically put a negative spin on it. In its everyday usage stress is thought of as a negative emotional state, shaped by harm, loss, and threat. This is certainly true of distress, the bad stress, which has been profusely researched. It is well understood that psychological principles, such as appraisal, are involved in stress, not to mention that distress is regulated by coping. But there is no escaping stress. To live is to stress. Life in and of itself places numerous demands on the human response system. Based on this premise there is more to life than coping and dealing with distress; there is fun, laughter, play, learning, exploration and growth. By necessity the positive aspects of life place demands on the human response system, too. Hence the infamous eustress, the good stress, which tells a tale of exploration and mastery. There are limited empirical investigations that bring to light the psychological make-up of eustress; the current research is one of the first. So what is psychological eustress and how is it regulated or fostered? This manuscript empirically examines this question. Enjoy!

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Eustress For Athletes

Eustress is the positive form of stress, it is the type of stress that brings our body to the next level of endurance and eustress-for-athletesperformance. It is interesting to note the effects on the body and to understand why eustress exists. It releases hormones into the body that propels us into action. It is important to note that is has a mental effect as well.  Eustress is usually related to enjoyable events in ones life. This is the major factor that separates it from distress (negative stress). It is applied when it is needed and the mind determines that. The stress response of eustress is different for this very reason. For example eustress supports us when we meet new challenges, have large family gatherings we need to prepare for, marriage, and having sex. We will focus on the physical form of eustress.

Eustress helps with strength and endurance

Eustress helps us win races, it helps us weight train, it helps us with endurance training. As said above it release hormones and chemicals in the body which jump start us into action. It also maintains these levels in a healthy balance. Distress on the other hand spikes these chemicals and hormones to a much higher level that is harmful to the body. Distress also, over time, can lead to deviating health conditions. It will lead to deadly conditions in many ways and make us much more susceptible to many viruses.

Hans Selye was a great stress scientist

Eustress is a term coined by Hans Selye in 1975. He is one of the most famous and respected scientists in the field of stress. He said that the body adapts to this stress, by choice, and lets it work for us in a sustainable and efficient way. Our body is a fine tuned, balanced, and a beautiful masterpiece of nature. Stress is there to help us in times of need as are many other biological functions. Pay attention to your body and how it feels. Try to not over exert yourself and focus on maintaining balance. Interval training is a popular method among athletes to improve endurance and strength. It isn’t the best for our bodies and make sure you don’t push yourself to hard. Stretching before and after this training and following a healthy diet will help much to this end.

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Common Everyday Tasks Used for Stress Reduction

going-for-a-walkStress is something that’s always around us. Almost everything you do in life has the ability to cause some kind of stress, whether it’s mentally or physically, and there isn’t much you can do to completely avoid the main stressors in your life – most of them are there and there for good. You can however control how you manage your stress, and in fact there are plenty of everyday common activities that are extremely useful in stress reduction. Here are just a few.

Enjoy a Casual Stroll Through the Park or Your Neighborhood

You’d be amazed at how much a little bit of light walking can do lighten your mood. When you’re feeling a little (or very) stressed from work, or just feel a little overwhelmed drop what you’re doing and take a 5-10 minute walk. Whatever you were doing before can wait and will be there when you come back. Try to enjoy your walk; look around, observe what’s going on around you. Smell the fresh air and walk somewhere you’ve never walked before. As a stress reducer a leisure walk is very efficient, and in some cases can completely eliminate your stress.

Take a Bath

Society is becoming more and more fast-paced, and because of this people want to spend as little time as possible doing non-work related things, such as bathing. While showering is just as effective at keeping you clean than taking a bath, taking a bath has one main advantage that you don’t get from showering – stress reduction. Take an extra 10 or 20 minutes out of your day and fill up your tub and just lay in there. Lay in there and think about your day, or don’t if you don’t want to. Some people like to close their eyes and just relax, that’s fine too.


Sleep is one of the most often overlooked stress reducers, and probably also one of the most efficient. Something as simple as sleeping can completely eliminate your stress. Lack of sleep is actually a very common cause of stress, and if consistently done and lead to many more serious problems. Try to get about 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. You’ll find yourself full of energy during the day, and you’ll also find yourself in a much better mood overall. You’d be surprised to see how important sleep is to keeping a stress free life.

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Eustress-ercise Your Stress Away!

Exercise is a word that wouldn’t be used in a natural state. We would get all the exercise we need and more living naturally. The benefits wouldn’t be benefits they would just be a way of life. Health would be at an optimum level; peace of mind and happiness would be second nature to us. However almost all of us live in the “real world” and are constricted to office/sedentary jobs. We are immersed in the chaos of life and finding time to exercise can prove challenging. It is very important, not just as a stress management activity but for your general health and well-being.exercise-your-stress-away

Getting healthy and enjoy the benefits

Jogging, swimming, yoga, rock climbing, backpacking, kayaking, playing sports, pilates, dance, and many more choices are yours. Exercise is great for stress relief, mental clarity, and emotional balance. The benefits definitely don’t end there and I feel the benefits received are much more than the effort exerted. Exercising can be fun and it doesn’t have to be hard. Finding or reconnecting with a way to exercise that you enjoy should be a focus of yours if you want all these benefits.

Getting started

In our western culture we want a magic pill to take, the cure all. We want instant gratification and the simple truth is that it’s hard to come by. Continued effort yields great results and a focused mind will bring this to you. Getting into an exercising schedule is the hardest part. Once you are in the groove then it becomes nearly seamless. You just do it. Trying joining a group that exercises, like an intramural sports team or a trail runners group. Find a friend that exercises regularly or wants to start as well. When you miss a workout you feel the difference and want to do it. If you can get over the obstacle of beginning it is easy sailing from there. It will of course still take your effort but it will come so naturally.

Get the most out of it!

Take your exercise to a new level and implement stress relief and stress management techniques into the workout. Meditate as you run to a phrase such as “I am in control of my life” or “stress has no power over me”. Mediate on your breathing, keeping it steady and as deep as possible while exercising, be without thought. Being fit is your choice and it always will be. Find the exercise that will be your most enjoyable stress management activity. Exercising is something nature never intended us to be separate from.  Reconnect with yourself and workout!

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Reducing Stress by Taking Good Care of Your Body

taking good care of bodyEveryone in this world has the right to be happy and pursue their happiness, and stress can be a major roadblock to that right. Stress can come from many different sources; really it can come from anything that aggravates you or pressures you into doing a difficult or strenuous task. Stress can lead to a multitude of different problems, with depression and decreased productivity as the two biggest problems. In order to regain your happiness and regain that driving force in your life you need to reduce your stress levels, and taking good care of your body is the perfect stress reducer no matter what the situation is.

Helping your self-image and your energy levels

Taking good care of your body directly affects your self-image positively, which puts you in a better mood and gives you that needed confidence to break out of that stressful habit. Exercising, a healthy diet, and just taking care of yourself in general will also increase your energy level and help balance your mind chemically. This will not only help you think clearly, but it will also help you get many more things done in the limit amount of time you have each day. Both your physical and mental health are significantly improved when you decide to live a healthier lifestyle and take care of your body, which is what makes it such a great stress reducer.

Getting started with your new healthy lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle Is fairly simple once you start taking action. Don’t over think it, just stick to the standard basics and you’ll find yourself getting fit and healthy in no time. Here are the healthy lifestyle basic essentials:

  • Nutrition: Probably the most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle is how you eat. In order for your new lifestyle to act as a stress reducer you need to be eating healthy foods that will fuel your body with all the nutrients it needs to properly function. A 6-meal diet it usually recommended to help speed up your metabolism, which in turn will drastically reduce your body fat percentage as well as give you significantly more energy throughout the day. You can never eat enough fruits and veggies. Try to eat as many whole grains as you can since they are complex carbohydrates which digest slower and leave you full longer. Check out the articles Don’t Ignore What You Eat and Nutrition Advice for a Stress Free Life.
  • Exercise is the second most important aspect; weight lifting is recommended with 10-20 minutes of cardio daily. When starting out stick to standard full body workouts to get your tendons and ligaments accustomed to weight-lifting – from there you can modify your workout plan to meet your specific goals.
  • Dedication: the only way this new healthy lifestyle will work out is if you stick with it. That mean’s stick to your plan and don’t deviate from it, even on the days you’re feeling down and out.

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Eustress and… Shopping?

Eustress is an interesting form of stress, not only because it is the positive form of stress but because it has some odd contemporary triggers that nature would have never thought of. For one it is released when we spend a lot of money on something we want. That is a strange response and it can, in part, explain the addiction of shopping. There is undoubtedly a release of adrenaline while spending a lot of money, the shoppers high, eustress is the physiological explanation for this.eustress-and-shopping

There are more factors than just eustress that go into shopping addictions but this seems to be one of the main reasons. The gratification that comes with eustress builds positive reinforcement when buying new things. The excitement of a new purchase and the feeling that something positive is happen is very deceptive. A lot of people go about their addictions without making another thought about it. Many people feel the response of eustress without knowing what it is, just that they want more.

A lot can be said about addictions. That is not the purpose of this article, we are merely illustrating the power of eustress and it’s hidden triggers in life. It may help you begin to understand why you feel a certain way after buying a big priced item. We are not trying to help with addictions in this article, those need the support of yourself, your family/friends, and perhaps a trained professional. If you think you have a problem with this or anything else the sooner you work on correcting it the easier it will be and the less damage to be done.

Eustress is a mysterious force that sits and waits in your mind until the stimulus it is waiting for is introduced. It then catapults into action and in most cases helps you accomplish a goal. It may be dubbed the positive form of stress but it can also take negative affects such as those stated above. So be aware of the eustress response because it is always waiting to be triggered.


Eustress and Marriage

It’s time again to look into the eustress and peer deeper under it’s veil. This mysterious form of stress which is beneficial has just in this century began to be understood. Hans Seyle, the father of stress research, first dubbed this positive stress as eustress. It had been experienced through all of mankind and in ways understood, but he linked it to many more ideas. He looked deeper at it, both the physiological and the psychological aspects of it. Eustress is a potent tool of the mind that has a very positive effect on us in most cases. We are going to take a look at it in relation to the act of marriage.eustress-marriage

Getting married is a unique time in a couples life where they unite in the highest sense of trust and respect for one another. It is an paramount experience that brings together two family’s and many groups of friends for one event honoring two. It typically takes months of planning, thousands of dollars, event organizers and coordinators, and the help of family and friends to get it running smoothly.

With the hectic nature of all this on the wedding day the bride and groom will be experiencing eustress at many points of the day. It will wear them out and keep them going. It will flood their minds once the “I do” are exchanged and it will carry them off onto their honeymoon. Nature never planned on such complex social structures and events when the eustress came into fruition so long ago. In many cases stress being thrown into our current way of living is sometimes not beneficial. But on a day like this, the eustress can get them through the day. It is a day of bombardment from every angle, it is a giant party for you and your loved one, and it is a spiritual sacrament of devotion.

This article turned out more of a snapshot of marriage than an article on eustress. Eustress is their to guide us along in life, to jump into action when we need it and to keep us at our most ready when we need to be.


Eustress – The Positive Stress

Eustress is a form of stress that the body procures when it needs to preform a very exerting physical activity. It is used to give your body an extra burst that it needs to complete the goal at hand. It can also be used in a variety of other ways and it can be very beneficial. It is much different from emotional stress and doesn’t even connect to emotional stress. Physically, it is just as taxing on the body as distress, but eustress obviously yields better results.eustress-the-positive-stress

Other ways eustress is used by you is less practical and more selfish. Watching a suspenseful horror movie is an example of the body producing the eustress response. That is one of the reasons some people are so drawn to those types of movies. The adrenaline rush that come with eustress along with it’s other effects. This is not what eustress is for, but nature didn’t intend on us having film and television. It’s not a bad thing, per say, to use eustress for this purpose but it will have the same taxing physical damage as distress.

Eustress is a powerful and interesting concept. For the few that are familiar with the concept, it is often overlooked and often forgot. It is used to your benefit without you knowing it. There aren’t many ways to increase its effects and anything short of experienced meditation there isn’t a way to stop it. It is just there, a tool hanging in the workshop of the mind, ready to be employed in the situations that arouse it.

In the coming months the Stress Reducer team will explore the idea of eustress more and look for ways we can use it to our benefit. As of yet though it doesn’t look like anything we can modify or enhance on our behalf. Until then look around for other ways to take a positive spin on distress and see what ideas are to come in regards to eustress.

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