We pay attention to the things in life that interest us. We also pay attention to the things in life that we want to avoid. These are on each end of the spectrum and are both equally captivating. When we focus on what we don’t want we are actually giving it more energy and bringing it into our life. This is the polar opposite from what we want. To understand that giving attention to negativity brings that negativity into our lives will be essential to rising above it and moving beautifully forward in life. We can drop that baggage we have carried around for so long and solve problems that we have struggled with for so very long.stress-reducer-attention

Flip the Switch

There is a simple switch to flip in your mind to use the power of attention as a stress reducer strategies and a preventative of future negativity. Don’t focus on the things you don’t want; instead focus on the things you do want! That is it, this simple change in thought will bring about dynamic and complex change in your life. For example this skill is mirrored in good parenting. To get your kids behavior closer to the fashion you would like you simply tell them what to do. This is obvious, but it is when we tell them what not to do the problems arise. Tell children what you want them to do not what you don’t want them to do. They focus on either one, there mind does not discern the difference.

The power of attention

The power of attention is simple. We form or experience on the things we choose to focus on. There is so much information to take in. Our mind subconsciously sifts through the data and based on what we have trained ourselves to focus on that is what we perceive. This is a subtle application of the power of attention but it helps you form the larger picture of your life and your surroundings. To refocus your attention and build a new filter to see the world through is a powerful stress reducer.

Re-frame your thoughts

When you catch yourself starting to focus on what you don’t want, re-frame the thought. This is an amazingly simple stress reducer and life changer. Instead of thinking I didn’t want to get stuck in traffic think how can I make the best of this. Instead of judging things and events negatively accept them as they are and find a positive light. Think about things differently and not only will your perception change the experience of the event but future occurrences of the event become less likely. Use this stress reducer and other stress reducers in your arsenal and become more and more the person you want to be!

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