reduce-stress-by-helping-othersStress can come in a variety of forms and from a variety of different sources. Some stress comes in the form of sadness and aggravation, while other stress comes in the form of decreased energy and little to no motivation to be productive. For some people work is their main stressor, while for others their spouses and families are their main source of stress. Fact is, each case of stress is different, and there are only a few universal stress reducers; helping others is the universal stress reducer many sufferers need.

Giving You a Good Sense of Accomplishment

Helping others can be a tedious task, and can even be physically and mentally taxing no matter how strong of a person you are. When it comes down to it, the effort and work you put into helping others comes back ten-fold in the feeling you get when you see the smile on someone else’s face – a smile that you put there. I can tell you from personal experience that nothing feels better than helping someone in needs. Whether it’s by doing a small noble deed such as holding the door open for a handicapped woman, or something much larger such as helping to feed people is disaster stricken countries, the feeling you feel when you see the relief in their faces is unlike any other. So no matter how down you feel, or how stressed out you are try helping others out, it’s a great stress reducer.

How You Can Start Helping

For those who are inexperienced with volunteer “helping” work it can be a little confusing knowing where to go, and what to do when looking to help. The answer to this problem is simple: whether you want to join an organization and take on real volunteer jobs, or if you want to just help the average Joe on the street, anything and everything helps. That is, even the smallest of deeds is greatly appreciated by the community. If y0u’re still focused on working on a larger volunteer project here are some places/organizations that are always looking for a helping hand:

  • Homeless Voice – The homeless can always use all the help they can get, so join the homeless voice and get helping.
  • Church – A wide variety of people come to church seeking help and guidance, and you can be a huge part of whether they like they’re experience or not.
  • Retirement Homes – while people who reside in retirement homes are usually treated fairly well they tend to get lonely sometimes. You’d be surprised you can make someone just by listening to their stories.


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