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Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief: Guided Practices for Reclaiming Your Body and Your Life

Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief: Guided Practices for Reclaiming Your Body and Your Life

Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief: Guided Practices for Reclaiming Your Body and Your Life

Mindfulness can transform pain. Over the past three decades, Jon Kabat-Zinn has clinically proven it. Now, with Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief, the man who brought mindfulness into mainstream medicine presents for the first time on audio his original practices for using conscious awareness to free us from physical and emotional suffering. This long-awaited two-CD program begins with an overview of how mindfulness changes the way our bodies process pain and stress. Listeners will learn tips and techniques for working with the mind and embracing whatever arises in our lives, however challenging. Then Jon Kabat-Zinn leads us in guided meditations drawn from his pioneering Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) methodology to help us work with and find relief from chronic pain, everyday stress, and emotional challenges, as well as to read and act appropriately in the face of acute pain. “Mindfulness can reveal what is deepest and best in ourselves and bring it to life in very practical and imaginative ways–just when we need it the most,” explains Jon Kabat-Zinn. Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief gives us a ready tool for overcoming even the most extraordinary difficulties.

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Price: $ 13.34

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From Mindfulness to Mindfreeness: An Easy Meditation Guide for Mindfulness Exercises

From Mindfulness to Mindfreeness: An Easy Meditation Guide for Mindfulness Exercises

From Mindfulness to Mindfreeness: An Easy Meditation Guide for Mindfulness Exercises

This easy meditation guide gives you step-by-step mindfulness training so that you will grow into a more peaceful state of being and able to enjoy each day. Mindfulness exercises take the challenges of daily living and provide you with stress reducers. Mindfulness practice is proven as a stress reduction method and has many other benefits including pain reduction and management, renewed joy of living, increased energy, heightened consciousness and overall improved health and wellness.

I wrote this guide after being laid off of work and having to determine a path forward through the disappointment and fear of no income. For me, navigating the process of unemployment became a blessing. I started an online tea flower and teapot store,, where I share mindfulness techniques and exercises through my blog,, and where I provide quality products to support daily mindfulness exercises. My ability to help others while supporting myself has blossomed from unemployment.

I now also work as an independent marketing consultant for small businesses, independent professionals and for corporations, My goal is still to help others, this time businesses who need expert guidance for marketing and need an increase in profits and ROI. Times may be tough, but there are many opportunities to succeed.

Like most everyone, life still occasionally dishes out disappointment and fear. As long as I maintain these mindfulness exercises and practice daily, including a time for tea and me, I have found a deeper peace than I have known before.

This easy meditation guide actually came through me rather than from or by me, so please carefully read it, and do the mindfulness practice. It works. Become mindful of the beautiful details and sensory experiences you may otherwise ignore in your life, and your mind will ultimately be freed to experience joy.

This easy meditation guide gives you 10 steps of mindfulness practice. Take one step each week and practice the mindfulness exercises for that week. Each week builds on the past and expands deeper into you and your connection to peace.

The journey from Mindfulness to Mindfreeness is one to be savored. These mindfulness exercises were a gift directed to those of us who are ready to receive joy, greater peace and personal fulfillment in our lives.

Share this easy meditation guide with others. Everyone can benefit from mindfulness exercises and practice. Visit for information on the health and mindfulness benefits of tea flower tea and to find beautiful insulated glass infuser teapots to showcase the flowering tea.

If you are a business open to increase profits, get more customers and improve your marketing ROI, visit My goal is to help people no matter the size of business, the industry or its location.

Enjoy this easy meditation guide, From Mindfulness to Mindfreeness, and discover how mindfulness exercises and daily practice can free you to experience increased peace, joy, health and wellness in your life.

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Str8-n-Up Slouching hunching stress reducer sling (Medium)

Str8-n-Up Slouching hunching stress reducer sling (Medium)

  • Str8-n-Up is the simple solution to slouching, hunching and stress
  • It’s simple, gentle and stylish! Use for only 30-minutes!
  • Str8-n-Up is designed based on muscle memory
  • Wear for only 30-minutes a day and start conditioning yourself to be more aware of improper form
  • Str8-n-Up helps you to know and feel what proper form should be.

Whether you are at the office, gym, home, or in travel, you may be compromising your form and not even know it. We become unaware at times the havoc we are wreaking to our bodies and future health due to slouching, hunching and stress. Start retraining, reminding and realigning your body today with the help of Str8-n-Up.

Str8-n-Up is designed based on muscle memory. Wear for only 30-minutes a day and start conditioning yourself to be more aware of improper form so that you can correct your posture and keep it in check. Str8-n-Up helps you to know and feel what proper form should be.
Slouch LESS, Hunch LESS, Stress LESS, Str8-n-Up MORE.

At the Office
Sitting or standing for long hours at work can be a strain to your posture. Str8-n-Up is a much needed office accessory that will remind and retrain you of what proper form is. Stretch out your tensed shoulder and neck muscles and realign your form during lunch or coffee breaks.

For Video Gaming
Str8-n-Up is THE video gaming accessory. Give your child the perfect video gaming accessory to go with their gaming system. Str8-n-Up will train their muscles and mind of what proper form is so you won’t need to be worried over their slouching on the couch.

At the Gym, Yoga and Pilates Studio
Str8-n-Up is the perfect workout buddy. Before, during or after workouts, yoga and Pilates, Str8-n-Up can help stretch out shoulder, neck and chest muscles and opens up the diaphragm to get full breaths of air into your lungs. It properly aligns shoulders to keep injuries to a minimum while working out.

For Travel & De-stressing
Need de-stressing after long hours in traffic or traveling? Str8-n-Up is the perfect de-stresser. It helps to gently stretch your tensed shoulders back to relax mode. It’s unique design gently pulls and stretches your shoulder and neck muscles downward and back. It’s the perfect personal massage after a stressful and long hours of travel.

List Price: $ 37.95


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Five Great Stress Relief Activities

bang-head-on-wallThere are millions of different techniques used by people around the world to relieve their stress.  Including us here at Stress Reducer.  The article is about different types of activities you can take part in to help with stress relief. These activities range from physical to mental and can even seem quirky at times.  But hey, if they work, then get at it!  Here are some of our favorites:

1) Go for a run.  Everybody knows that running or exercising daily, or even just bi-weekly, can be a very effective stress reliever.

2) Go swimming.  This goes along with exercising daily.  But seriously, if you can just get to the public pool or your local university lap pool once a week, you will be doing yourself a favor in so many ways.  Swimming is amazing for your body both for you cardiovascular and for you ming.  Swimming is relaxing and a good hard workout in the pool will leave you smelling like water, not sweat.  Give it a try.

3) Go hit something.  Hey, it can work.  Go out to the woods, grab a big log and whack a tree around a little bit.  Take it out on the dead branches instead of your family and friends.

4) Meditate.  Meditation can have serious mental wellness benefits and is often overlooked as an effective provider of stress relief.  Pick up a book or read one of our articles about meditation and give it a try.  Don’t worry, nobody has to watch, lock yourself in a room if you must.

5) Socialize.  Mingling with your peers is healthy for stress control.  Socializing can help you strengthen your relationships and discover new ones as well.  The more you socialize, the more avenues of decisions are available to you.  This leads to you being in control of your stress because you can take advantage of opportunities that can provide an easier life for yourself and your family.

Those five methods for relieving stress don’t even scratch the surface of all of the ways to reduce your stress.  Do you have a favorite way to reduce stress?  Tell us about it here! We would love to hear your secrets about how you fight back.

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