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Anger Management as a Stress Reducer

Anger is a corrosive emotion that feeds us self-destruction and fuels the fire of ignorance. It will destroy relationships and prevent conflict from being resolved. It disintegrates others respect for you and it can do the same for your self respect. Anger will give you a false sense of self and make you feel right when you clearly are not. Practicing anger management is a stress reducer, lowers anxiety, and can really open up your life.anger-management-as-a-stress-reducer

Anger can be helpful

Anger isn’t always bad, although aggressive anger always is. Assertive balanced anger can help charge arguments and facilitate communication, if used properly. However, anger is not commonly used properly and is often only used properly be certain people with the skill. Anyone can learn how to use anger constructively or to not use it at all.

Pivot your thoughts

An important skill to build is being able to pivot your thoughts. When an event happens that would normally bring you anger pivot that thought. Turn it from “that shouldn’t happen” to “that happened and how can I resolve or accept that?”. It is a simple idea with an extraordinary outcome. Being able to use this skill everyday for most everything will give you control of being upset and angry. There are of course some instances to get upset or angry but those are tend to be rare.

Take a deep breath

When you find yourself getting angry use the above method combined with a few deep breaths. It is a stress relief technique we talk a lot about here at stress reducer. That’s because we have found it to be one of the simplest and effective methods to calm down. Calming doing from anger or emotional stress will give you better judgment, which can then calm you down even more. In addition it is a powerful stress reducer.

Practice makes perfect

The more you practice these methods and other methods that you can find here or from other sources the easier they are to preform. Prevention is key as is being able to calm down in the moment. With success we gain confidence in our skill. When we fail we learn from our mistakes and if we continue to practice we will gain the anger management skills we desire!

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Music For Emotional Stress

Music has been around for as long as human kind has. It is the lifeblood of our artistic expression and a form of expression that is deeply connected to our mind, emotions, and even our body. The variety and the lyrics are endless. Finding the right music for you and expanding on your collection can really help with emotional stress. Having the right music for the right mood is always comforting. Emotional stress is a factor that is taken into consideration with music therapy.

Music therapy

Music therapy is an under appreciated college major and career. It is an effective tool for treating emotional stress and can aid in personal development. It works better for some than others but can have an impact on anyone in music therapy.

The benefits of music

It is also used in physical rehabilitation and has proven itself to aide in recovery time. It is used with the elderly to improve mood and cognitive function. Music therapy is considered an expressive therapy and can help build confidence in self expression. Music theory is often taught on some basic levels and there is a great variety in musical selection. It has also shown to be affective in lowering heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rates in those with coronary heart disease. Another use that has been documented is help with patients who suffer from epilepsy.

Expand your music tastes

Although it is not that accessible we can still in one way or another to help ourselves reduce emotional stress. We can find music we enjoy and keep it handy. Alternative rock fans should check out Panda Bear, American Analog Set, Built to Spill, The Black Keys, and Modest Mouse. Electronica more your thing? Try Caribou, Massive Attack, Dan Decan, Shpongle, Clubroot, Four Tet, Burial, The Field, Boards of Canada, Emancipator, and Pantha Du Prince. More into folk? Try Langhorne Slim, Sixto Rodriguez, Iron & Wine, Beirut, Mumford & Sons, and of course Bob Dylan.

Just remember that emotional stress has many solutions. Looking for them, being open to change, and working towards goals of relieving emotional stress will bring you the peace you have been looking for.

Enjoy this relaxing video


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The Perfect Stress Reducer: Examining Your Beliefs

Belief systems have a much greater power over our lives then we give them credit for. They not only dictate our thoughts but they affect the fundamental view of our world. Thoughts affect our emotions so intimately. Pay attention to how we are thinking and how we are feeling is a simple illustration of this. Beliefs play a major role in our lives. They enable us to see the world the way we choose to and they enable us to ultimately feel how we want to (in general). Having a greater control over these is a great stress reducer, it prevents the stress from ever happening.examining-your-beliefs

Changing beliefs to our benefit

Humans have on average three thousand thoughts a day, each affecting our mood, each steaming from our beliefs. I feel examining and shifting our beliefs is critical, not just merely as a stress reducer but as a life transforming action. Beginning this shift is moving forward and opening up parts of our lives we didn’t realize were connected with certain beliefs.

Reshaping our beliefs

So much agony and displeasure we simply accept as conditions of life. So much discontentment and discomfort we think of as a way of life is in-fact belief systems at play. Acceptance of conditions is a great tool, not just as a stress reducer but as a way to bring joy into your life. We can accept these conditions, and of course should, but we should never settle. We can expand upon our thoughts of the world and of our ourselves. We can stretch ourselves to new dimensions and reach deeper into our mind and into our world. We can reshape, broaden, and enliven the deepest portions of ourselves. With that we can feel this internal landscaping pour out of us and have the same affect on our worlds.

Examine your beliefs

How do we examine our beliefs and expand our life experience? We must thoughtfully reflect upon what we view the world to be. Writing out these ideas is very helpful. Looking at how we respond to events can shed light. Thinking about how we perceive the world at large will as well. Exploring how we view ourselves, those around us, and life itself will give us key insights into what our beliefs are.

Defeating stress is the greatest stress reducer

How we think of others in general is how we think of ourselves. Our perspectives on our environments mirror our perspectives of ourselves. Much can be learned about ourselves by paying attention to our environment. Having an excess of stress is a bi-product of self defeating beliefs. We can use all the stress reducers and stress relief techniques we want, with great affect, but getting to the root of our problems is a critical method to achieving a low stress life.

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Stress Reducer: The Power of Attention

We pay attention to the things in life that interest us. We also pay attention to the things in life that we want to avoid. These are on each end of the spectrum and are both equally captivating. When we focus on what we don’t want we are actually giving it more energy and bringing it into our life. This is the polar opposite from what we want. To understand that giving attention to negativity brings that negativity into our lives will be essential to rising above it and moving beautifully forward in life. We can drop that baggage we have carried around for so long and solve problems that we have struggled with for so very long.stress-reducer-attention

Flip the Switch

There is a simple switch to flip in your mind to use the power of attention as a stress reducer strategies and a preventative of future negativity. Don’t focus on the things you don’t want; instead focus on the things you do want! That is it, this simple change in thought will bring about dynamic and complex change in your life. For example this skill is mirrored in good parenting. To get your kids behavior closer to the fashion you would like you simply tell them what to do. This is obvious, but it is when we tell them what not to do the problems arise. Tell children what you want them to do not what you don’t want them to do. They focus on either one, there mind does not discern the difference.

The power of attention

The power of attention is simple. We form or experience on the things we choose to focus on. There is so much information to take in. Our mind subconsciously sifts through the data and based on what we have trained ourselves to focus on that is what we perceive. This is a subtle application of the power of attention but it helps you form the larger picture of your life and your surroundings. To refocus your attention and build a new filter to see the world through is a powerful stress reducer.

Re-frame your thoughts

When you catch yourself starting to focus on what you don’t want, re-frame the thought. This is an amazingly simple stress reducer and life changer. Instead of thinking I didn’t want to get stuck in traffic think how can I make the best of this. Instead of judging things and events negatively accept them as they are and find a positive light. Think about things differently and not only will your perception change the experience of the event but future occurrences of the event become less likely. Use this stress reducer and other stress reducers in your arsenal and become more and more the person you want to be!

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Emotional Manifestations of Stress

We feel stress in our body, mind, and in our emotions. It affects us on every level whether we know it or not. A lot can happen to us due to stress and it is not always clear that stress is the cause. The emotional stress we feel can do real harm to us. It can cause irrational decisions, anxiety, and panic. Emotional stress can be very uncomfortable but with proper skills and a more productive mindset we can protect ourselves from much of the damage.

Emotional stress comes in many formsemotional-manifestations-of-stress

There is much to be said about the effects of emotional stress and much that can be done. Stress in essence is a physical response to an external stimuli. It serves to protect us from a harmful environment. It is rooted deep in our brain and is in direct relation to the fight-or-flight response. This stress response however is now being redirected to our society. A once protective trigger has been transformed by our urban environment to a far more useless tool. It can be protective and it does help us but the majority of stress is not beneficial. The stress response explodes out of the brain and affects the whole body. The mind shuts down to it’s lower levels of functioning and our emotions run wild.

What can be done?

Much can be done to protect ourselves from emotional stress. The first step is to identify all of the things that cause you stress. Make a list and begin to think more in depth about what really stresses you out. Once you identify your stressors begin to think about how they can be avoided. Not all can and you will never escape them all and in fact that would be  harmful to your growth. You will also need to find quality stress reducers and stress reduction techniques to further protect yourself from excessive stress. Check out these articles for more insight and feel free to browse around this site for more information. Stress Reduction Technique: Self Control and Acceptance: A Powerful Stress Reducer are a couple places to start and of course there are many sites out there looking to help you.

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Enjoy Stress Management Activities

When we think of stress management we tend to think of boring hard work. It doesn’t have to be that way. Sure you have to work at it but taking a balanced steady approach to stress management can be rather easy and extremely effective. We should use stress management activities in combination with typical stress management to help with results and to keep things fun and interesting.

What are some stress management activities?enjoy-stress-management-activities

There are many stress management activities. In fact some are activities we already participate in. Exercise of any form is a great stress management activity. In addition to being great for stress it is great for us. It is so easy to slack off and ease into a sedentary lifestyle, however it would behoove us to keep fit. We know how good we feel after we work out and we can link how good we feel, in general, to how much exercise we get.

Deep relaxation is one of the many stress management activities we have available to us. One method is to lay down with peaceful music playing, perhaps relaxing incense burning, and tightening each muscle one at a time. Begin with your feet, tense them up for a few moments and then relax them. Notice how good it feels to relax them. Move on through the entire body. Visualize yourself becoming more and more relaxed. You will be surprised and how much your mind can benefit this process. The more you practice the easier it will come and the deeper you will relax.

Remove clutter!

It feels good to have a clean work area and home. Consider a deep clean of the spaces you spend the most time in. Cleaning can be a bore but if you relax, put on some nice music, and think about how good you will feel when it is done than you can make it enjoyable. Put a twist on it and before you throw something out, break it. This is a nice stress reducer and it can be pretty fun.

Think about the healthy things you enjoy doing and set aside time to do them. Be sure not to do any activity in excess as keeping a balanced life is key to having a healthy level of stress. Enjoy your free time and try to relax and focus on what stress management activity you are doing. The more present in the moment you are the more affective they become. The same is true for all parts of life, living in the moment can unlock beautiful things in your life. So stay focused and relax!

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A Look Into Supplements

We exert a lot of effort to get and stay healthy. From exercising to eating a proper diet we a-look-into-supplementsexplore what works best for us. Some of us have access to better foods and facilities and can more easily achieve our goals of health. Others jog through neighborhoods in the dead of the winter and eat as healthy as can be afforded. Either way no excuse can be made to be out of shape and to be eating poorly. Food feeds our mind and body as exercise fuels these. Exercise is a very affective stress reducer and in general helps keep a healthy emotional balance. Lets take a look at some easy ways to improve upon the already hard work you are putting in.

Taking nutritional supplements is the quickest way to a healthier life. We have many options in many types of supplements. Protein drinks are all the rage in America. They come in many forms: whey, rice, pea, soy, hemp, and egg whites are the most common. Whey is the most popular due to the price but it is also hard on your sinuses and gives you an excess in your daily dairy intake. Soy is the second most popular but it is full of phytoestrogens which can cause a hormonal imbalance. Soy however is a very beneficial form of protein. Hemp is considered the healthiest, packed full of vitamins and minerals and is well digested. We may not need as much protein as we think. Western dieters think that protein is the holy grail. It is not and it is not needed in such large amounts. A regular healthy diet should get you adequate protein even if you regularly exercise.

Try the easiest and most effective supplement

Multivitamins are the single greatest thing you can do for your health in many doctors opinions. They give so much and all you need to do is take one tablet a day. Vitamins are so crucial to the development and maintenance of our bodies. They are far to often overlooked and their benefits are so vast that I won’t even start to discuss them. There use as a stress reducer is vital. If you are not already taking one you should check out our link to a free men’s multivitamin! Some other brands to look out for are New Chapter, Rainbow Light, and Mega Foods.

Fish oil is a key

Fish oil contains omega 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9 fatty acids. These are said to be needed for healthy maintenance of the brain, cardiovascular system, skin, and hair. It has shown in some clinical studies to protect against cancer, Parkinson’s , and Alzheimer’s disease! It is also very popular for mood support and alleviating depression. There mood support is said to affect anxiety and act as a stress reducer. These benefits are quiet amazing and you can get them just by eating fish regularly. If that is not a part of your diet you should strongly consider getting a fish oil supplement. Try the brand Nordic Naturals or New Chapter.

Probiotics for your digestion and immune system

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in your body. They are commonly used to help with digestion and immune support. It is said that over 70% of your immune system lies in the intestines and supplementing with probiotics maintains a healthy intestine. They are also said to be good for lowering cholesterol, reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, preventing colon cancer, and to help with irritable bowel syndrome. Probiotics can be found in yogurt, keifer, and fermented foods. You can also take them in pill form or as a drink. Kombucha is a fermented mushroom tea that has probiotics in them and is becoming very popular in America.

The big three supplements that doctors usually agree on are a multivitamin, fish oil, and a probiotic. Give these simple health fixes a try!

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Acceptance: A Powerful Stress Reducer

accept stressThere is so much happening in our everyday lives and through-out our enormous planet. An endless amount of news to watch and an endless amount of tasks to complete. There is so much to take in and so many goals to move towards. Time feels like it is speeding up and it can feel like an enemy working against us. There are so many happenings and so many subtleties to our everyday life, it makes it hard to stay balanced. One of the most powerful stress reducers in life is acceptance.

Accept the current moment as it is. There is NO reason not to. When you accept the world and its conditions a lot can open up for you in your life. Just think about it; you are in the conditions of your life and that’s the way they currently are. If you can accept where you are in life, if you can accept yourself for who you are then you can really get control of your life. Acceptance is a direct pathway to a better life. It is as powerful as it is simple. There are no reason or excuses to not bring the power of acceptance into your life.

When you feel like you are losing control of life take a step back, breathe, and affirm that the current moment is as it is and you are okay with it. This doesn’t mean rolling over to people and being unassertive, it doesn’t mean sacrificing yourself and your goals, it simply means to be ok with everything as it is. A peace will come over you and you will feel the stress float out of your mind and body. We must take back our lives so we can improve them for us and those around us. To be an example of peace and thoughtfulness to those in our lives whom we care about.

As far as a stress reducer goes, acceptance is a great choice to use in your life. It is empowering and enchanting, it is truly a method of joy. Take this skill in baby steps, don’t try to accept everything and when it gets tough give up. Just quietly make the change and build the habit one step at a time. There is NO reason not to!

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Physical Effects of Stress

Of all the ways that stress effects us: emotionally, mentally, and physically they can all be very damaging. We are going to focus in on the physical effects of stress in this article and see what we can do to improve our condition when we feel it is overwhelming. There are a few points to highlight and a bit of chemistry. Knowing what stress is doing to our bodies can be a motivating factor to get over stress. There are many stress management techniques that we can use to our extreme advantage and know them is key to our success in life.physical-effects-of-stress

The physical effects of stress are apparent over long periods very clearly as well as short term. Although we may not link stress as the cause of these it very well may be. Headaches accompany excessive stress many times which only makes matters worse. This is due to the increased heart-rate and the release of chemicals in the body. There are two main chemicals released in our body when we undergo the stress response.

Adrenaline is one of the physical effects of stress, it is released into the bloodstream and increases our heart-rate and makes us on edge. It prepares out body for danger and gets it primed to respond with increased strength and quickness. Unfortunately this response is intended for nature and not for what we are likely experiencing in our life. It is a powerful chemical that the body can use very effectively, but with our urbanized city lives it serves as more of a hindering force than a helping one.

Cortisol is the other main chemical released. It has been a recent buzzword used in advertisements and is part of the sales trend lately. It is used in weight loss ads and stress relief campaigns. It is a harmful chemical in excess but a very helpful one when balanced. When it is not balanced it will suppress the immune system and damage the cells of the body. It can harm your hippo-campus and decrease memory. When balanced it increased blood sugar levels at appropriate times and aids in memory as well as a variety of other beneficial effects.

These are a few of the physical effects of stress, keep an eye out for them because they will harm you both short term and long term.

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Stress Management Strategies

Let us take a look at some stress management strategies we can begin to use in our life. Stress management strategies differ from stress management in that they are something to lay down as a foundation. They will be what you build the rest of your ideas and tools off of. They are the framework we will use to create a solid mind that is ready to handle anything the world can throw at us. We should rethink our current approach to our stress management strategies if we aren’t effectively stressed. They are not being effective but with the right individual ideas we can improve or drastically change them.stress-management-strategies

Some of us may not even use stress management strategies and just kind of go through the stress as something that is second nature. This is a hopeless approach and it is one no one needs to take. There are always options and there are always ways to improve our life. The following will briefly explain the ideas and get you moving the right direction to find the appropriate approach to employing stress management strategies effectively into your life.

First we must analyze what our approach very clearly and write out the pros and cons of it. There are an extremely wide variety of stress management strategies that people take in a very broad spectrum of beliefs. The most effective foundation is one that approaches stress as an opportunity. If we look at it in a positive light we can see options and solutions instead of frustrations and misfortunes. It is obviously very beneficial and it may be very hard for you to rebuild into. The benefits of this practical and empowering framework will guide you through life with a gentle yet powerful presence. It will show you many things about yourself and your environment you didn’t see. It will begin to dissolve the us vs them mentality and take you to new heights of happiness, thoughtfulness, and ambition.

This should be your fundamental approach to life. There are very few things in life that applies to everyone. We aren’t saying that this is what’s right and what your doing is wrong, we are just displaying the most rewarding perspective on stress and on life. We are not passing judgment on others, everyone is free to do what they want to do (as long as it’s not harmful to others) and we all have the freewill to be who we want to be.

This is the founation to the most effective stress management strategies as well as the idea shared by most of the successful people in the world. It may be hard to break out of old patterns, but with the right motivation and understanding of the benefits we can all transform into whomever we want to be.

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