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Stress and Pleasure

Dopamine is a chemical in the brain with many purposes. It increases the pleasure of literally every activity. From eating to stress-and-pleasurereading, from appreciation of art to time spent with others, sex to music dopamine does it all. Dopamine brings us concentration; it helps develop the prefrontal cortex which is the part of the brain that separates us humans from all other species. It is extremely powerful and necessary for functioning in the world. Stress and dopamine are intimately connected. The stress hormones adrenaline, cortisol, and glucacorticiods work together to stop the production of dopamine.

Dopamine and stress

Stress will lower dopamine and it’s activity in the brain by lowering receptor activity. The more we stress the more this happens. The more it happens the more the brain is shaped to both have less and receive less dopamine. The damage will continue to weaken this chemical and take away from us concentration, pleasure, and a variety of other functions that dopamine is responsible for in our brain.

The impacts of stress

Stress does far more than reduce dopamine and its other affects can take a toll on our enjoyment of life as well. Ignoring the mental and emotional pain of stress much can be said about the health problems associated with stress. It will weaken our immune system making us susceptible to disease. It will harm our cardiovascular system making it harder to get around and enjoy physical activity. It can cause memory problems which not only is annoying but can be very damaging to our life. It can compromise our reproductive system. It can give us painful peptic ulcers and headaches.

Finding stress management strategies

The list goes on and the stress runs a muck on our body, mind, and emotions. We must find ways to avoid and cope with stress. Finding stress management strategies as well as stress reducers are important steps to take. So much can be done and we can start today. We can empower ourselves and take back our health and enjoyment of life. We can secure a safe spot in our world and we can live a happier life. This not only affects us but all those in our life. We must make the mature and responsible decisions to take back our lives from stress. It will take hard work but as long as we continue to take steps in the right direction we will reach our destination.

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Stress Reducer: The Power of Attention

We pay attention to the things in life that interest us. We also pay attention to the things in life that we want to avoid. These are on each end of the spectrum and are both equally captivating. When we focus on what we don’t want we are actually giving it more energy and bringing it into our life. This is the polar opposite from what we want. To understand that giving attention to negativity brings that negativity into our lives will be essential to rising above it and moving beautifully forward in life. We can drop that baggage we have carried around for so long and solve problems that we have struggled with for so very long.stress-reducer-attention

Flip the Switch

There is a simple switch to flip in your mind to use the power of attention as a stress reducer strategies and a preventative of future negativity. Don’t focus on the things you don’t want; instead focus on the things you do want! That is it, this simple change in thought will bring about dynamic and complex change in your life. For example this skill is mirrored in good parenting. To get your kids behavior closer to the fashion you would like you simply tell them what to do. This is obvious, but it is when we tell them what not to do the problems arise. Tell children what you want them to do not what you don’t want them to do. They focus on either one, there mind does not discern the difference.

The power of attention

The power of attention is simple. We form or experience on the things we choose to focus on. There is so much information to take in. Our mind subconsciously sifts through the data and based on what we have trained ourselves to focus on that is what we perceive. This is a subtle application of the power of attention but it helps you form the larger picture of your life and your surroundings. To refocus your attention and build a new filter to see the world through is a powerful stress reducer.

Re-frame your thoughts

When you catch yourself starting to focus on what you don’t want, re-frame the thought. This is an amazingly simple stress reducer and life changer. Instead of thinking I didn’t want to get stuck in traffic think how can I make the best of this. Instead of judging things and events negatively accept them as they are and find a positive light. Think about things differently and not only will your perception change the experience of the event but future occurrences of the event become less likely. Use this stress reducer and other stress reducers in your arsenal and become more and more the person you want to be!

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Stress Relief Games

There are many stress relief games you can play when you need to or in your downtime. They come in many forms and are readily available online. There are other games you may not think of as stress relief games but can definitely help in that regard. You must be careful to not waste your time on these games because they can suck you in and end up not relieving stress but wasting time and maybe even addistress-relief-gamesng to your stress if you didn’t get done what you needed to that day. There are tons of online choices, there are plenty of offline downloads, and there are a bunch of non-computer related games.

Stress Relief Games

Try Sudoku or solitaire for stress relief games. If you have someone to play with there are plenty of card games, dots, chess, and almost any board game you can think of. Try and pick the shorter lasting games as the stress relief will come much quicker and after a point your not doing much in the way of stress relief. We at Stress Reducer will be launching an online stress relief game page that will be a nice collection and quality consolidation of games you can find online. Check back for it’s launch which may be in December. Until then look around for stress relief games as they are in abundance everywhere.

Don’t waste time on them unless you can and want to. Realize this is only a temporary solution to stress and you should really look into stress management techniques and stress reducers. There are plenty of stress relief games out there to choose from so just find one that works well but that you won’t get obsessed with and defeat the purpose of playing them. So enjoy them and remember to work hard because that will get you to where you want to be.

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Stress Management Strategies

Let us take a look at some stress management strategies we can begin to use in our life. Stress management strategies differ from stress management in that they are something to lay down as a foundation. They will be what you build the rest of your ideas and tools off of. They are the framework we will use to create a solid mind that is ready to handle anything the world can throw at us. We should rethink our current approach to our stress management strategies if we aren’t effectively stressed. They are not being effective but with the right individual ideas we can improve or drastically change them.stress-management-strategies

Some of us may not even use stress management strategies and just kind of go through the stress as something that is second nature. This is a hopeless approach and it is one no one needs to take. There are always options and there are always ways to improve our life. The following will briefly explain the ideas and get you moving the right direction to find the appropriate approach to employing stress management strategies effectively into your life.

First we must analyze what our approach very clearly and write out the pros and cons of it. There are an extremely wide variety of stress management strategies that people take in a very broad spectrum of beliefs. The most effective foundation is one that approaches stress as an opportunity. If we look at it in a positive light we can see options and solutions instead of frustrations and misfortunes. It is obviously very beneficial and it may be very hard for you to rebuild into. The benefits of this practical and empowering framework will guide you through life with a gentle yet powerful presence. It will show you many things about yourself and your environment you didn’t see. It will begin to dissolve the us vs them mentality and take you to new heights of happiness, thoughtfulness, and ambition.

This should be your fundamental approach to life. There are very few things in life that applies to everyone. We aren’t saying that this is what’s right and what your doing is wrong, we are just displaying the most rewarding perspective on stress and on life. We are not passing judgment on others, everyone is free to do what they want to do (as long as it’s not harmful to others) and we all have the freewill to be who we want to be.

This is the founation to the most effective stress management strategies as well as the idea shared by most of the successful people in the world. It may be hard to break out of old patterns, but with the right motivation and understanding of the benefits we can all transform into whomever we want to be.

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A Quality Stress Reducer

There are many choices when it comes to a stress reducer. It could be a simple hand toy to play with as you work. It could be a medicine, conventional or alternative. It could be exercise or music. It really depends on you and what works for you. Different things work for different people and you must find what is best for you. Again, you have options for a stress reducer and finding the best will take some trial and error.

The one I want to present is meditation. Of all the different ideas listed above for a stress reducer and all of the others out there, few if any are more powerful than meditation. It brings the mind into a calm theta brainwave, it regenerates cells, it improves the structure of the brain, it helps connect the hemispheres of the brain (which has numerous benefits), helps balance the hormones and chemicals of the body, and it is a quality stress reducer. There are many other benefits not listed here and there are many forms of meditation.

The simplest and most effective mediation is easy to do but hard to maintain at first. Over time it will become easier and over more time it will become seamless. The benefits will be less at first but the more you doquality-stress-reducer it the more benefits you receive short-term and long-term. Begin by sitting with your legs crossed (not one on top of the other, just relaxed and comfortable) with your toes pointing away from the ball of your foot. Bring your thumb and pointer finger together to program into your mind that touches these fingers begins mediation therefor making it easier in the future. Close your eyes and focus on deep belly breathing. Breathe in deeply, if your upper chest moves much you aren’t breathing into your belly. This method of breathing is extremely relaxing, oxygenating and should be how you breathe everyday (in time it will be). Stress eventually leads us away from this natural way of breathing but it is how it should be and it is how all babies breathe.

So sit in this position, breathe deeply into your lower lungs before your upper lungs, and focus on breathing that way. Comfort is important as is an erect straight spine, relaxed but firm. Your mind should be silent and focused, this is meditation. As your mind beings to wander bring it back to your breath. This will become easier and easier in time and the benefits and numerous. It really depends on you but I feel for most people this is a top quality stress reducer.

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Overcoming Stress & Identifying Stressors

stressors-and-psychologyIt’s been a little while since I have blogged. I hope everyone has been reducing their stress and are doing well. I wanted to talk more about the nature of stress, how it comes into our lives, and what steps we can take to overcome it.

Stress is a natural response to events and things. It is meant to help guide us away from harmful events/things. It is both unfortunate and fortunate this response is programmed by your mind. Unfortunate because you have been sabotaging yourself and stressing about unnecessary things/events. Fortunate because now you know you are in control!

You identify the stressors as such because of negative past experiences and the expectations of what they will bring. You program into your mind what is going to cause you to feel the stress, both consciously and subconsciously. This is an empowering idea; once you understand you are in control of stress you can learn to change your reaction to it. Sure there will always be new challenges, and stress isn’t something to banish all together as it has a positive purpose (in it’s natural form), but now you can begin to take control!

Once you understand you are in control of stress you can begin reprogramming your mind. The first step is to identify what causes
stress in your life. The small things will be the easiest to overcome but the larger stressors will be much harder. Start by making a list of the things that cause stress in your life. Then move on to writing why they cause you stress. After you have reflected on this for a
while, being to program your subconscious by repeating that these things will affect you less and less. It may sounds silly but your subconscious mind will always follow what you say, and the more you say it the more it will listen.

You have begun to put it into subconscious action. Now we can begin to but it into conscious action and start to become one of your stress reducers. When these stressors come to your attention, pay attention. Try to take a step back and say, this is happening and I am going to deal with it peacefully. It does not need to generate stress, that isn’t productive, I am going to work through it constructively and have no need for the stress.

A lot of the time we don’t realize the stress serves us no purpose and it’s just how we think we should react. Stress is a highly individual emotion, each person has an infinitely different variety of stressors. Sure there are many common stressors many people share, but you must remember it is you who identifying with the stress. It is you who is feeling the response and it is you who are choosing to feel the response.

It will take work, you must repeat to reprogram your mind, you must recognize the stress and realize in most cases it is unnecessary.

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