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How to Take a Stress Test

There are a limited amount of options when you are looking for ways to take a stress test. There aren’t a lot of well developed stress tests and that makes it even harder to find a quality one. There is a laboratory stress test that has earned a lot of respect in the psychology field but how many of you out there have access to a laboratory that will test your stress? Basically no one can take this test and it was made more for research. You can look around and find simple tests with simple question that probably won’t leave you with any answers.take-a-stress-test

Taking a stress test is more of an individual thing. It is about asking yourself the right questions and getting a clearer picture of what is happening in your life and what should be happening. It takes time and reflection, it takes calming yourself down in the moment and realizing what is happening. There are many things you can do to raise this awareness and many other things to help with self reflection. Life is about adapting to changes and becoming more aware of who you are and how your interact with your environment.

Ask yourself how often do you get stressed. How many stressors are there in your life? Which brings more stress than others? What kinds of stress come form which stressors? How much can you handle and how much is too much? When aren’t you stress and what calms you down? These are a few questions to start with, expand them with your own personal preferences and begin to take in a bigger picture of what is means to be “stressed out”.

There are a lot of questions and a lot of answers when you give yourself a stress test. You must find them for yourself and when you do, this greater knowledge of yourself will start to transform your life. Getting a better picture of you and how you react to your environment will get you to a stronger place in your mind where you can take control of situations and feel much stronger and empowered in your everyday life.

Be real with yourself and your benefits will be found!

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Test Your Stress

This is a tricky subject since we are all so much different. One person can handle many stressors at the same time while another person has a hard time with just a couple or even one. Testing stress is still possible although it is hard to do accurately. Some stress test are out there like the Trier Social Stress Test which tried to single out effects of your personality in relation to dealing with stress. They do this in a lab however, so it really isn’t accessible to the general public.test-stress

There are test administered by psychologist called burn out tests. These tests of stress measure how close you are to being burnt out. They are usually used in combination with what is simply called stress tests; which will help you find all of the stress causing events and stimulus in your life. Combining these stress tests helps to get a better idea of how much more stress a person is able to take before they experience cognitive exhaustion (as defined in a previous article).

So there really aren’t a lot of great options to test stress. The best option in my opinion would be detailed self reflection. Consider writing a journal day to day. This is a great way to reflect on how you are feeling and what is causing you to feel this way. You can test your stress easier than anyone else can and I believe if done correctly it can be more effective. Come up with your own ideas on how you would best measure your stress. Think about your day as it happens and sum it up on paper. Reflect on this and gather a more detailed idea of the levels of your stress on a day to day basis. These are steps you can take for a happier tomorrow!

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What exactly is stress and how can we define it?

A psychologist would call stress how you choose to react to a stressor. There are three stages of effects of stress according to Hans Selye.what-is-stress

  1. Alarm – The stressor or event that may cause harm is perceived. This triggers the mind to go into alarm. Adrenaline is then created and released as well as the production and release of cortisol. You may begin to sweat and have a raised heart rate.
  2. Resistance – If the alarm state isn’t enough to overcome the stress we enter resistance. In resistance we try to cope with the stress psychologically.
  3. Exhaustion – This is the last stage of the general adaption syndrome. This is when your body cannot produce anymore cortisol and adrenaline and you cannot continue with the two previous stages. You may begin to sweat and have a raised heart rate again. If exhaustion is allowed to continue damage to the body is done, your immune system becomes very weak.

In the end this could mount itself into your life in forms of depression, you may also get ulcers, cardiovascular issues, and even diabetes. All of this sounds very serve. It is unlikely most stress will develop this far and it is rare the aforementioned will happen. It is likely the first two stages of this will happen. But if you find yourself in the third stage you must find a solution. While you can maintain this stage for quite sometime you will want to take steps to not let it go this far. There are plenty of articles here for this and many more to come so please keep checking back.

Stress is easy to define, you know what it feels like. You now know some more of the affects it may have. Along with these it can cause behavioral changes, decrease in cognition, muscle tension as well as headaches. Be sure to not let yourself get carried away with stress and always be aware of when stress is happening in your life.

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How to Stress Test Yourself

Stress comes in many forms. It can be very obvious at times and it can also be very subtle. The problem with subtle stress is that it can be just as damaging but hard to identify and therefore resolve. There are many steps we can take to identify stress.stress-test

To help identify stress it is good to get out paper and jot what what stressful things comes to mind. Once you are done with the ones that jump out make a second list of the ones you have to think about more. The ones that draw less attention but definitely bring the effects of stress. Give yourself a little stress test and figure out what it is that causes your stress. It’s important to have a clearer picture of what is causing stress in your life so you take the steps to either avoid these things or adapt to them.

Once you have a better idea of the stressors in your life you can start to consciously and subconsciously work out solutions. Many people ignore the power of the subconscious and wonder why is it so easy for some to adapt to life and roll with the punches. The truth is that every time you say something negative your subconscious listens. Every time you think “this is stressful” or “I really don’t like it when this happens” you are making things harder. You are letting your mind respond more and more negatively to events and people. Don’t take this the wrong way and let people walk all over you and don’t think it’s not ok to dislike things. Still be assertive but take a path of empowerment.

The more you say “I don’t like this but I won’t let it affect me” the more positively you can approach the situation. The more you program into your mind the “I am strong” ideas the easier you are making life for yourself. It may sound like pseudoscience but it is proven psychology. Pay attention to your thoughts and begin reprogramming the way you look at the world for the better!

Let life work for you and not against you. Identify what causes stress and take steps to either avoid or adapt to them. You deserve happiness!

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