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Emotional Manifestations of Stress

We feel stress in our body, mind, and in our emotions. It affects us on every level whether we know it or not. A lot can happen to us due to stress and it is not always clear that stress is the cause. The emotional stress we feel can do real harm to us. It can cause irrational decisions, anxiety, and panic. Emotional stress can be very uncomfortable but with proper skills and a more productive mindset we can protect ourselves from much of the damage.

Emotional stress comes in many formsemotional-manifestations-of-stress

There is much to be said about the effects of emotional stress and much that can be done. Stress in essence is a physical response to an external stimuli. It serves to protect us from a harmful environment. It is rooted deep in our brain and is in direct relation to the fight-or-flight response. This stress response however is now being redirected to our society. A once protective trigger has been transformed by our urban environment to a far more useless tool. It can be protective and it does help us but the majority of stress is not beneficial. The stress response explodes out of the brain and affects the whole body. The mind shuts down to it’s lower levels of functioning and our emotions run wild.

What can be done?

Much can be done to protect ourselves from emotional stress. The first step is to identify all of the things that cause you stress. Make a list and begin to think more in depth about what really stresses you out. Once you identify your stressors begin to think about how they can be avoided. Not all can and you will never escape them all and in fact that would be  harmful to your growth. You will also need to find quality stress reducers and stress reduction techniques to further protect yourself from excessive stress. Check out these articles for more insight and feel free to browse around this site for more information. Stress Reduction Technique: Self Control and Acceptance: A Powerful Stress Reducer are a couple places to start and of course there are many sites out there looking to help you.

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What Stress is Worth it and What Stress Isn’t?

This is a simple question with complex and highly individual answers. It is not something we at Stress Reducer can answer for you, but it is something we can guide you to be more able to understand and evaluate. There are many factors to consider and many ideas to assimilate. To understand what stress is worth your time and what isn’t you will need to get a clear picture of what causes stress and why.what-stress-is-worth-it

What is stress?

You must first make a list of the stressors (the things/events that cause you stress) in your life. You should rate them 1-10 of how stressful they are and 1-10 in how important to your life these things are. You should then consider which of these things can be actively and effectively avoided. Obviously the next step would be to bring that into action. That is a very solid start. The next step will be to find what else on your list can be minimized and what you can do to react in a less stressful way.

Find those stressors

Be sure to identify the things you are overly stressing about when they aren’t very important. See what stress is highly numbered compared to what their importance number is. Identifying stress and rating it will have its straightforward benefits. There are more subtle ways to improve these benefits. The power of your subconscious mind as well as your general beliefs in life play a major role in how stressed you are and how you react to the stress. There is much more content on this and much scientific proof of its truth; but if this is all you are going to read know that what you tell yourself and what you believe creates and programs your reaction to the world.

Many people think they are the way they are because they program the ideas of themselves day by day and identify with this image and make it into who they believe they are. You are empowered to be who you want to be and you are empowered to be as stressed or as stress free as you choose to be.

So empower yourself!

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Overcoming Stress & Identifying Stressors

stressors-and-psychologyIt’s been a little while since I have blogged. I hope everyone has been reducing their stress and are doing well. I wanted to talk more about the nature of stress, how it comes into our lives, and what steps we can take to overcome it.

Stress is a natural response to events and things. It is meant to help guide us away from harmful events/things. It is both unfortunate and fortunate this response is programmed by your mind. Unfortunate because you have been sabotaging yourself and stressing about unnecessary things/events. Fortunate because now you know you are in control!

You identify the stressors as such because of negative past experiences and the expectations of what they will bring. You program into your mind what is going to cause you to feel the stress, both consciously and subconsciously. This is an empowering idea; once you understand you are in control of stress you can learn to change your reaction to it. Sure there will always be new challenges, and stress isn’t something to banish all together as it has a positive purpose (in it’s natural form), but now you can begin to take control!

Once you understand you are in control of stress you can begin reprogramming your mind. The first step is to identify what causes
stress in your life. The small things will be the easiest to overcome but the larger stressors will be much harder. Start by making a list of the things that cause stress in your life. Then move on to writing why they cause you stress. After you have reflected on this for a
while, being to program your subconscious by repeating that these things will affect you less and less. It may sounds silly but your subconscious mind will always follow what you say, and the more you say it the more it will listen.

You have begun to put it into subconscious action. Now we can begin to but it into conscious action and start to become one of your stress reducers. When these stressors come to your attention, pay attention. Try to take a step back and say, this is happening and I am going to deal with it peacefully. It does not need to generate stress, that isn’t productive, I am going to work through it constructively and have no need for the stress.

A lot of the time we don’t realize the stress serves us no purpose and it’s just how we think we should react. Stress is a highly individual emotion, each person has an infinitely different variety of stressors. Sure there are many common stressors many people share, but you must remember it is you who identifying with the stress. It is you who is feeling the response and it is you who are choosing to feel the response.

It will take work, you must repeat to reprogram your mind, you must recognize the stress and realize in most cases it is unnecessary.

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