Time management can be very difficult at times, especially with how busy we all are.  One of the best ways to improve your time management skills is to document how you spend all of your time, then analyze those activities and decide whether or not you are wasting time on unnecessary or unimportant things.  Take the chart located here and record how much of your time you spend on each of those days and total it up.


Simply fill out the amount of time you spend doing anything you do every 15 minutes throughout the day, then at the end of your 7 day period, you go back and categorize them.  Shown below on the right is an example daily activity log for doing this.  Shown is 7a.m. up through 12:30 p.m., you will need to go all the way to about midnight.  In the “Quad” column, you will label each activity according to the charts in the middle below(Note: Click on any image to enlarge).

Time is a resource that is spent and managed in many different ways by different people.  Students, professionals, and even stressed parents or teenagers alike face especially demanding daily schedulestime-management-matrix.  The purpose of performing a time management exercise such as this serves several purposes.

1) Making you conscious of how you choose to spend and manage your time.

2) Identify areas where you can improve your time management practices.

3) Provide data from which to build or improve your goal-based time management system.

4) expose you to time management/organizing concepts for self-improvement.

The purpose is NOT to:daily-activity-log

  • Encourage you to track every minute or activity in your life for years to come.
  • Propose that everyone should monitor, plan, or manage time in exactly the same way.
  • Require you to change your current time management practices or daily schedule.

The time management activity involves monitoring and analyzing your use of time for a three-day period over one week.  So to elaborate, you are to:

1) Complete the time study log above for three days of the upcoming week

2) record the number of hours (0.25 increments) spent on the following activites.

3) calculate totals for days and activities to confirm 24 hr. days and 72 hours total.

We hope you enjoy our time management tip and activity.  Think about it as a time management game!

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