Emotional stress cam be quite the beast to tame. It not only clouds our judgment but downplays the damaging effects it’s having on you. When not in the moment you don’t think of it as that big of a threat. When in the moment you don’t realize what is happening because you are so overwhelmed with the emotional stress. This makes it tricky to not only identify but to get under control. You think of emotional stress as something that is just there and that’s that. Well it’s not and it doesn’t have to be.emotional-stress-control

There is always going to be emotional stress; that is just life and we must embrace it. It is a bad thing, but that is mostly in excess. It can affect you in more ways than emotionally, it can cloud your judgment so greatly you destroy parts of your life that you cherish. We have all have had this happen and it is a painful and remorseful thing. Getting better control of our emotional stress will yield benefits with a domino effect. You may not have associated all of the effects it has on your life. In many cases it is hard to identify all the effects as many of them are subtle.

Once we gain a certain level of control over our emotional stress we will feel more confident in situations that are emotionally and mentally taxing. We will be more comfortable putting ourselves out there in those situations and feel stronger and in a higher level of command. Less destruction in our life will occur and we will be more happy in general.

In articles to come and articles in the archive, we discuss techniques to take control of our emotional stress. There is a lot that can be done and many baby steps we can take today. Let’s focus on a better tomorrow through a conscious today.