Time management is great all around. It is not used to often and we waste a lot of time. I am not preaching being productive every minute of every day, far from it. We can be doing a lot more to get a lot more out of what we do.clocks

Getting yourself in a pattern is a giant key to getting more out of your activities. Your body is setup to work on a daily pattern. If you exercise the same time everyday you get more out of it. If you sleep on a regular schedule you also will get a lot more out of it. The same goes with working, studying, and eating. All of these things can be more effective if you do them on a daily cycle and greatly benefit your time management. You will also do a much better job of not procrastinating when you build these positive habits and know what you need to do and when you need to do it.

Sleeping the same amount at the same times everyday is very beneficial for a number of reasons. It will reduce the time of sleep you require as well as letting you feel more well rested for the remainder of the day. It will also boost your overall mood, boost your immune system, and help remove the stress chemical cortisol.

Eating on a regular pattern is very beneficial to digestion. Your body will be more prepared for the meal and more receptive to it. You will get somewhat higher health benefits from the food as well as getting more nutrients and enzymes from the food.

Studying is another beneficiary of a daily pattern. Your mind will ready itself much quicker and avoid the sluggishness when you first start studying. You will also do a better job of staying on track and retaining the information. It is also a good idea to study after a light workout since your dopamine levels are elevated and your mind is more calm.

I challenge you to give it a try for a two weeks. If you have a smart phone you can set up a daily schedule with alarms. If you don’t get a planner. You can get more done with regular patterns and get more out of it. You can improve your time management and have more time!