Tropical Heat Jet Ski Biofeedback Game Software for Alive & Wild Divine

Tropical Heat Jet Ski Biofeedback Game Software for Alive & Wild Divine

  • Save you player and review the performance from previous sessions.
  • Set the mood by selecting relaxing, energizing, or tropical music.
  • Online Multiplayer option available.
  • Numerous Tutorials to teach you how to play, relax and win!
  • Free Ride, Island Cruise play modes for manual or autopilot control.

Computer gaming and training systems are inexpensive, fun ways to improve many stress related conditions. Health benefits abound through these fun, relaxing environments brought to your personal computer.

Tropical Heat is a major step forward in the field of heart rate feedback. Top notch graphics and animation, online multiplayer racing, extreme trick combinations, realistic scenery and water, and a wide variety of achievements and game play modes keep the game fun and teach you greater inner control of your heart rate and stress levels.

Tropical Heat can be played in extreme racing mode, hands free relaxing island cruise mode, or in many other intermediate modes. It has been created to be used by everyone. Tropical Heat perfect for all ages, both genders, for gamers and those who don’t play video games, and for people with or without biofeedback experience.

Tropical Heat is the first video game designed for active feedback that is as fun and fully featured as any regular video game. This greatly enhances the appeal for younger players, as well as adults who like to play video games. For the rest of us, just enjoy the scenery and have a relaxing tropical vacation.

Currently available as DOWNLOAD ONLY

Requires biofeedback hardware not included, software add on only.

WINDOWS PC ONLY. Not MAC compatible (mac version available soon).

List Price: $ 99.00

Price: $ 149.00