This is a simple question with complex and highly individual answers. It is not something we at Stress Reducer can answer for you, but it is something we can guide you to be more able to understand and evaluate. There are many factors to consider and many ideas to assimilate. To understand what stress is worth your time and what isn’t you will need to get a clear picture of what causes stress and why.what-stress-is-worth-it

What is stress?

You must first make a list of the stressors (the things/events that cause you stress) in your life. You should rate them 1-10 of how stressful they are and 1-10 in how important to your life these things are. You should then consider which of these things can be actively and effectively avoided. Obviously the next step would be to bring that into action. That is a very solid start. The next step will be to find what else on your list can be minimized and what you can do to react in a less stressful way.

Find those stressors

Be sure to identify the things you are overly stressing about when they aren’t very important. See what stress is highly numbered compared to what their importance number is. Identifying stress and rating it will have its straightforward benefits. There are more subtle ways to improve these benefits. The power of your subconscious mind as well as your general beliefs in life play a major role in how stressed you are and how you react to the stress. There is much more content on this and much scientific proof of its truth; but if this is all you are going to read know that what you tell yourself and what you believe creates and programs your reaction to the world.

Many people think they are the way they are because they program the ideas of themselves day by day and identify with this image and make it into who they believe they are. You are empowered to be who you want to be and you are empowered to be as stressed or as stress free as you choose to be.

So empower yourself!